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  1. I'm pretty glad that I didn't start reading forums until recently. I really enjoyed the challenge of Shipwrecked and exploring new content. Yes, a lot of it was the same or similar to vanilla, but even re-skinning things was very enjoyable to me. I just can't imagine a day when I put DS away. It feels like an endless challenge, and especially enjoyable. Now, there is some gameplay that is a bit unfair, disappointing, and frustrating, which might cause me to take a couple months away, but as far as how responsive Klei is to players, there is no other game that I know of whose developers are so connected to the players. Even for the fact that EA Hamlet was $6.99 (and they gave it away for free to Beta testers), it's pretty awesome to get completely new content, gameplay, and new characters. It provided several hundred hours of new content and forced me to play a character that I never had before (WX-78). Is it perfect? Nah. But they do work pretty hard to improve things. It might just be that I'm not aware of any games that constantly have new content, so to be upset that there were no new updates for two years confuses me... They still did the Home Sea Home update (although I'm not really sure when that was). Not trying to be mean, but I guess I'm curious as to what games we're comparing DS to? I play ONI the least, but usually when I died ruthlessly somehow in DS and need a break. I don't think the devs have too much on their hands and I think they're handling it pretty well for being a growing indie company. I don't play a lot of DST, but they are committed to keeping all new content free so that no players are alienated by their inability to participate. That's a pretty cool principle to have. /endrant Sorry.
  2. Hamlet definitely has a super-steep learning curve. I have mained Wigfrid for so long that I didn't know how to play anyone else, and her playstyle is not very sustainable in Hamlet. However, once I got WX78 under my belt, it has gotten a LOT easier. Easy or hard, who cares except that I've enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would! Although... rabid beetles are kinda the worst.
  3. I lost the save file, but I'll submit one later if it happens to me again. It happened in at least two of my save files, but I think it might be fixed since it hasn't happened recently.
  4. Edit: This only happens when Key to the City is in the inventory. Is this intended?
  5. Edit: is happening randomly now. I have about 10 Ro Bins in my game right now.
  6. I haven't hatched my Ro Bin egg yet but they just started spawning every time I enter a shop, a new one with a gizzard appears.
  7. I just built a science machine and it won’t allow me to interact with it. I am unable to refine resources or build any structures from it. I have tried hammering it and rebuilding it to no effect. I also closed the game and reloaded it.