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  1. beardlords

    in all of my dst worlds, beardlords are hopping like bunnies and drops the same drops as bunnies,i really need some beardlords for a war,but instead,what i get are bunnies with beard,hopping and biting enimies,please make beardlords beardlords,
  2. I've been playing a shipwrecked world ,in the first hurricane season i died by sealnado,thanks to touchstone i respawned,im spending the 184day+ in that world now,i've been waiting to give him a payback,and still no sign of sealnado, quacken was ok,he spawnd as normal,but this sealnado,he didn't appear and it's so sad that imm unable to get the access to the iron wind,is this a bug? or is it my bad luck? please help,i really love the world im currently playing,please help me to fix this if it's a bug,, thank you! shipwrecked_1 saveindex
  3. disappearing logs..

    i've been farming trees in my camp in spring,i cut almost 300 trees on my ownand couldn't collect the logs and the cones on the floor as the summer wascoming,so i rushed to the caves. late summer,i came to the surface andrealized more than half of the logs that were on the floor had gone,firstly i thought i was mistaken, so i began collecting the stuff that wereon the floor,even while gathering , items began to dissapear infront of myeyes,both items ,that were on the floor and inventory,please fix this forme,it took hours to grow them and cut, (the day was 488,late summer,,,theonly mods i had enabled were ,geometric placement,craft pot and gesture wheel, which are client mods, and i've already tried disabling them and trying,yet no difference)thank you , im sending you dxdiag,txt, server log txts and client logtxt with this..