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  1. too many critters

    yeah, crack and fry them. only critters I keep early to mid game are dreckos if I can feed them mealwood (->fibers and early plastic) and shine bugs if I'm lucky having a patch of organic bristle blossoms. there are many ways to cool your base: - check the biomes you're about to enter for temp and insulate if possible. keep compactors for hot materials outside your living area. - get "heaters" outside your base: batteries, compost, machinery - never send 40°C water to your bathrooms, cool the water down between 15° and 25°C before you send it to your base. cool areas with polluted water going out - once you use an outside air supply, cool the oxygen down as much as possible. - wheezies work best in packs surrounded by hydrogen and temp shift plates.
  2. Are the maps smaller in this beta or are the dupes more efficient at exploring? I also notice that I have only about 2/3 the amount of sandstone after exploiting the start biome, didn't compare the other ressources, tho