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  1. RU-285480 Went with an entire crew of Simple Taste dupes, only to realise it doesn't work at all. Tried with a variety of foods (rations, muckroot, meal lice, bristle, gristle, snow bun) Same on live and preview branch. Same with a new game or a loaded game.
  2. As far as I'm aware it is on purpose - all glum shine bugs wont produce light. Also Abyss bugs wont produce light.
  3. Are you talking about the OP's design? If you are using the element sensor & shutoff combo you need a bridge after the shutoff to prevent backward flow: An oxygen backup should just slow the system down and will lower the power effectiveness of the system as the electrolyzer hits max gas pressure more often. A hydrogen backup will mean that the shutoff valve no longer works properly, and Hydrogen will escape through the Oxygen outlet. If you want to force Hydrogen consumption then you would use a Filter gate with the element sensor to prevent the backup by consuming excess:
  4. They aren't insulated at all, depending on the material they are made out of. If you have a full tank of 150kg gas or 5000kg of liquid - 30kg of gas to try and cool it down isn't much at all. Similarly, 15kg of liquid to cool down 5000kg? That's going to take forever - there's 333 times the heat capacity in the reservoir than outside of it.
  5. Yeah I ignored the full thing as well, except the part that makes 170g/s hydrogen from a single electrolyzer. You don't need automation as long as you can prevent a hydrogen backup. So, a pre-automation (not even smart battery) oxygen&power solution is quite advantageous don't you think? I personally have never cooled oxygen religiously, as dupes don't seem to mind 35-40c air that comes naturally.
  6. I'll be honest, my obsession with them is unhealthy. By chance did you see this recent thread on reddit. Even with a big pump it's looking like a 55-65% excess KJ per oxy KG on your table... I use automation stop the entire operation when a gas flow is occurring for 5s+. Although the automation isn't required, if the hydrogen backs up then part of the system stalls and needs to be rebuilt. Alternatively, just consume all 170g/s of the hydrogen and it doesn't even matter.
  7. Oh right, since they are in the picture I assumed he was using them. Could have just used a valve loop instead.
  8. I'm a bit confused here. You tested Xeno's using 2 gas filters but he uses gas shutoffs with gas sensors? This is a colossal 240w deficit towards Xeno
  9. [Game Update] - 259633

    Changes on hatch: will eat under 3500calories, lose 700cal a day, eat 200kg, poop 100kg at max happiness right now. 14 days to get an egg. So 1/3rd the food but more coal right now.