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  1. Sorry for the confusion, I was just showing the automation to add in to prevent over pressurisation again.
  2. Once the aquatuner has spun up and cooled the polluted water in the cooling chamber, the metal tiles conduct the heat from the geyser water into the polluted water (which is both easier to heat and cool than normal water). Due to the "drip cooling" bug, if set up properly, the temperature of the entire cooling chamber will match the output of the aquatuner. As long as the steam geyser is under 100C, the water will condense and you add statues/gravestones to act like a heat sink to get the steam to touch more cold stuff. The OP was building from something he saw about half way down the first page on this thread which explains it all in detail and alternate implementations too:
  3. I think if they changed something like that, the conveyor loader won't be industrial machinery any more
  4. New geysers are awful

    I think that you typically get 2 or 3 power geysers now so the downtime isn't an issue. Maybe you live on coal and hydrogen a bit longer but there's more fun involved in smaller power stations that exploit a variety of geysers. My current base would make Frankenstein proud. The only geysers that can jog on are the warm co2 and chlorine. Volcanos are harder to use but still interesting.
  5. If a building or tile gets fully destroyed, all the materials are lost. The water that has now occupied the 18 tiles and there's only supposed to be 10 tiles of water - metal can only take pressure of 1500g of water so it's basically that there's been 2x as much water as there's supposed to be. You need to add in a couple more precautions I think; If you built it like this - the system will only take water when it's not full AND it's not too warm. As such it would not be capable of over pressurising.
  6. Not too hard to rebuild - just deconstruct that pump on the left for ladders. I can guess that you got pressure damage on the metal tiles (because your other tiles are breaking due to pressure too) but how that has occurred from a steam geyser alone is pretty strange.
  7. Air Conditioning Not Included

    I think the ingame physics are entirely fine. They purposefully aren't perfect in order to minimise the requirements for the game which can get laggy for a lot of players later in the game. There's some unclear "loopholes", like the drip cooling, but for the most part the physics is not only robust enough to make it playable but predictable enough without a holistic understanding of physics - which makes it fun.
  8. Air Conditioning Not Included

    -80w heat isn't that bad to be honest - probably enough for 1 electrolyzer or your entire starting base. I think the issue is it costs dupe operation, which effectively makes it a 400w machine, where wheezeworts are free and the AETN deletes 400w heat for "nearly free".
  9. I think ONI has made some understandable sacrifices for the sake of being able to run on a normal PC. All in all, ONI physics are pretty interesting because the bugs and how people abuse / cope with them.
  10. I think exosuits are a bit cheaty to be honest, because they're so good. I'm not gonna lie, I doubt I use them how they are intended to be used because if I do use them I keep my dupes in them at all times: Not only do your dupes not need to worry about oxygen, ever, they do not have to worry about heat, wet feet, sopping wet, or diseases either. I pump in 60c oxygen into them and can cool the area to 30c with only 2 wheezeworts while the dupes run around at 37c (and dont care about their temperature). While they have all these great benefits, you can also throw a snazzy suit under it so they get the decor bonus alongside the power of 20 warm sweaters... plus you get +10 digging. Also, the last thing I do is to train them as exosuit engineers as long as their athletics is high: 20-6 is still +140% runspeed and I will keep them like that until I sort out the grilled mushrooms. If you want to push it further: you don't really need beds for the dupes because they will have the oxygen with them and bladder doesn't increase. While the -1 athletics for "sore back" can be an issue early on, it saves your dupes the long haul back to their beds.
  11. Once you slap a snazzy suit on someone it's like they have -65 decor expectation so I genuinely don't struggle for decor stress. However, I do think it makes more sense that a "Miner" wouldn't expect high decor or food and we could maybe drop the seasoned miner to a Tier 4.
  12. Sources of Algae?

    I think it's alright; if everyone has snazzy suits and the mess hall is gloriously decorated I find my dupes only gain 5-10% stress from eating it and the stress goes away after a small period.
  13. Sources of Algae?

    That's right, between the slime and recycling their lavatory water it's easy to maintain 5 dupes - it's not even that hard to cool the oxygen because the electrolyzer never runs at full power and if you don't use gas pumps then it can power itself entirely.
  14. Sources of Algae?

    Through distilling you get 200g algae and 400g pWater, sieve that into 400g water and you can run an electrolyzer.
  15. Sources of Algae?

    That's an interesting point - that you have too much oxygen. The excess oxygen created by pushing pWater into Oxygen enables space for more dupes, who are not only worth 400w but also pee some pWater every cycle as well. I've gone over it a few times and I am fairly sure that (after taking slime into mushrooms) the 360kg/day of slime can entirely support 5 dupes when pushed into an electrolyzer vs 2 when pushed into fertilizers. As such, this leads to 1200w for "free" via hamster wheels, and is effectively 2x the power output of natural gas loop.