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  1. Each critter has differrent values for being cramped / overcrowded (I don't know the exact numbers) based on the size of the room and the number of critters in the room Afaik only shove voles don't get cramped But you could use liquid airlocks instead of doors (or some other way to keep your critters from escaping) in order to circumvent the room size After you reached your 20 critter limit, just remove the door from your room, and leave a 1 tile gap so the pokeshells can't escape. That's how I do it. (I keep 'em in my water sieve "room" so they can eat the polluted dirt) If you want to wrangle even more poke shells you can make a room right next to it, wrangle to there and then remove that door too Just gotta make sure the room size is big enough for the number of critters
  2. Oh I see, so it's sort of like a ready-to-go backup critters room? I usually just have a breeding/grooming room and a single tile in an open area where I drop all the eggs (for hatches anyway) and I let them die naturarally there, they'll drop a new egg before they die too (unless I don't feed them at all)
  3. Why don't you just transport the eggs where you want em (the same way you ship them into this room) and let em hatch there? I think I'm missing the point of this chamber
  4. Ok, I get it now... just wasn't sure what keeping them behind a door was actually for xD
  5. That means your hatches will most likely die out without reproducing eventually. My domesticated critter count only goes up and never down though... they seem to reproduce just fine as long as they're tame and don't starve and the room size is big enough (I'm guessing the door method is to circumvent any room size penalties?) Ah yes, indeed, I do have an auto sweeper set up for refined metal, coal, egg shells & meat
  6. I don't rly get it either... I tried copying some of these designs, but how do u get the hatches on the door tile in the first place? Eggs keeps getting pushed away when the door closes... do you have to hatch them and then wrangle them over there or something? My alternative solution for now is just storing all hatches in a single tile and dropping some food in there once a day.... is this somehow less efficient?
  7. I might be blind or something, but are there any samples or documentation on how to get started with making an Oxygen Not Included mod? EDIT: Got my answer on discord, apparently you just gotta decompile the game assemblies yourself (sry im a noob to modding)
  8. Achievements broken?

    I dunno... seems pretty logical to me that achievements would be disabled in debug mode lol... also they don't disable your achievements by default; it's only once you use a debug command that achievements won't work anymore for that save file (which seems fair to me). But I just disabled debug mode entirely to make sure I don't accidentally press any debug command hot keys
  9. But you can could offload some CPU processing to GPU for increased performance though... I mean seeing how it's a game, I think it's safe to assume the user has some sort of GPU
  10. Hmmm interesting... I don't have a integrated GPU on my board or CPU so I can't test that out But I do notice the game using my discrete GPU (discrete GPU = graphics card right?) Ok apparently it only uses my discrete GPU's memory... but doesn't use the processor at all, as far as I can tell
  11. What? The game doesn't use GPU at all? That would be kinda crazy..... I'm pretty sure that's not right
  12. Achievements broken?

    What? All you have to do is start a game, make 3 toilets and 3 beds and you get an achievement.... You sure you're not playing in debug mode or something?
  13. Park Life

    Oh ok cool, do you know how long morale bonuses generally last?
  14. Park Life

    oh, that makes sense... lol ok nvm then xD guess ill just keep the ladder areas once i start building stuff inside the base
  15. Taking advantage of wild plants spread by the pips and abusing the morality bonus of Nature Reserves xD PS: all the zones are within my insulated base area (this is just early game) Map = Verdante (LUSH-A-947150664-0)