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  1. I really like this. His sanity downside has never made sense considering he's one of the hardest hitting characters in the game and can easily kill a terrorbeak in potentially 4 hits with a simple dark sword, and his speed bonus makes killing them that much quicker. It becomes more of a chore if you don't need any nightmare fuel and go insane a bit faster than other characters, and a blessing if you need more. Having to really keep an eye on things that can affect your sanity would make the player much more aware of their surroundings and what can drain it (and you'd want to avoid darkness as much as possible). Sanity suddenly becomes a lot more important during fights like Deerclops, but even normal fights could potentially get dicey if you aren't prepared. This is balanced out by the fact that you would still be killing things very quickly anyway, but not being in mighty form during fights could be trouble for an inexperienced player. Realistically for an experienced player this still wouldn't be too hard, but it's something you would need to keep note of regardless.
  2. I've recently been playing Webber and... yeah, the "monster" downside is basically nothing. At the very least getting a certain amount of spiders, mainly nurse, are a bit on the expensive side, but the spider items are so readily available that this becomes a non-issue as you get by. At least having an army of spiders by your side is extremely fun! At this point I think characters like Webber, aka no major downside(s) with plenty of good upsides, are going to stay the way they are for the foreseeable future. Really, as long as no character completely breaks the game, then I think they are fine. Maybe they could change the "monster" mechanic in the future so that it could be a more interesting downside (and this would apply to all monsters like Wurt and Wortox as well.) Going back to Wolfgang, I think suggesting interesting/balanced downsides now is important so we don't get just get another Webber situation. Wanda is fun because she requires the player to always be aware of her age while not being annoying to deal with either. I think Wolfgang should follow this logic, he is really similar to Wanda if you think about it. He already has the mighty mechanic, they just need to tweak it so it's more interesting to handle. As of now, if you go wimpy, you can just eat a meatball and you're back to normal. Like I said before, maybe it could tie into the fear of monsters or something, I'm not sure.
  3. I don't think this is true, obviously there can be a way to make him more fun, but some ideas being thrown around like craftables and such don't seem like the way to go about it. The suggestions I liked the most were ones that focus on what his core character traits are; getting mighty and having a fear of monsters. Wolfgang as of now is... fine. The way you can get to his mighty form is simple to understand and works for what it is. But compared to other characters, it's just a bit... easy. Anyone who has a general understanding of how to get food in this game can easily be in tip top hunger at pretty much all times, and you'll barely ever be going into his wimpy form that the downsides of this "risky" mechanic are negligible. First and foremost, this needs to be reworked; nothing too drastic that makes it way too annoying to go mighty, but something like how Wanda's age works; it should be somewhat difficult to maintain the form that gives you such high amounts of damage, but if you can pull it off and consistently stay in that form, you will get results. Now, I don't think it should be as difficult as Wanda, because compared to Wanda he is a bit safer if you aren't experienced with her or are just newer to the game, plus his form already provides more benefits like his speed boost, but it really shouldn't be as easy as just eating some food. The fear of monsters bit, I really don't know honestly. It could maybe tie into the new mighty mechanic, or just be its own separate thing. Just something that isn't completely forgotten about the character like it is now.
  4. This is a good idea but I still don't think the payoff is enough to go out of your way to maintain them just for a chance at double output. Other food methods would still be far superior.
  5. I've had this happen with other games, too. Might just be something that happens if you turn it on mid game, but I'm not sure. I always have to reset the game in order to get it to work again.