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  1. I started up a world and there was a pretty big savannah, so I checked around and saw a lone beefalo, so I killed it (assuming there were more). I saw another lone beefalo and thought it was a bit weird there was another by itself, but I figured there would be another and killed that one too. No other beefalo in the entire world, even in the other savannah. I didn't even know this was a thing...
  2. Yes, there is one main area for the island, but 3 biomes in that island; Lunar Forest, Lunar Mine, and the Rocky Beach. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Lunar_Island
  3. I've had this happen with other games, too. Might just be something that happens if you turn it on mid game, but I'm not sure. I always have to reset the game in order to get it to work again.
  4. To be fair, the game makes it pretty difficult for you to starve (if you're even semi-experienced), and there are other things that eventually outshined it in difficulty, unless they wanna make food gathering harder. The name could NEVER be changed though, it just fits too well!
  5. Difficulty in DST

    Just wanna chip in and say something about Terraria. I went into the game completely blind back in the olden days, and as per the rest of us was completely clueless. Then I discovered the guide, and his helpful tips really pushed me into discovering these vague things he was talking about. I protected him more then anyone else just for this reason! It really helped me get that push I needed to wonder 'what even is in this crazy 2D world'? I didn't know right away that you could bring materials to him and see what they could craft, but really I ended up being curious and just put stuff in myself, and started making the obvious connections. The game never forced me to know that, and I really appreciated it at the time. Now with 1k+ hours, I really never use the guide anymore but I can always respect why he was there in the first place, since he continues to help new players and even me sometimes! Modded items do work with him, which is just a plus all around. I hate looking up stuff, and still had too eventually to know all the ins and outs, but the guide is probably one of my favorite NPCs just for how much he does, outside of a being a boss summoner. Experienced players say bye to him, while newcomers welcome him with open arms. And who knows, with 1.4 on the way, maybe I'll be revisiting my old pal' for a nice chat! Also, on Terraria's progression, It's definitely the best for me. You become so accustomed to the world around you, and after waffle boi, everything changes. It's the same world you once knew but with a grim twist. This was really cool back when I killed WoF for the first time; I was just so mesmerized with all the new stuff! Bosses are marks to show how far you are in the world, and you're always improving your tools, weaponry, armor, etc as it goes on and as you defeat more and more bosses. Obviously this eventually got stale for me, but modded Terraria was right outside the door, and I loved it! Experienced players have a place to go after knowing everything about regular Terraria, which is pretty nice I'd say. Obviously DST is a bit different from this but Terraria does a lot of things right and I will always love it for what it brings.