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  1. If water ever reaches the PH2O bottles they can read a vaccum at low pressures and have explosive off gassing enough to literally flood your base in PO2. You will likely have bottles filled with upwards of 10ts of PH2O which off gasses at a percentage as long as its not overpressured. Using a trickle of water you can exploit how this works and produces 100skgs of PO2 per tile then just control its access to your base.
  2. This will solve all of your problems.
  3. I ran into a situation where 2 dupes where calling and wrangling a glossy drecko at the same time. One was trying to shear it for plastic the other was trying to wrangle to move it and it crashed the game when the wrangling was finished while it was being sheared. I dont know that i could duplicate the timing of this and its likely a very rare possibility to happen again.