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  1. Server has a high CPU usage when idle. This is due to the game running in a very tight loop using clock_gettime and futex (it is always wrong to use these two together). deadlock_log.txt
  2. I thought about this a bit further, I think this is happening because your keep the game loop running but not the actual entities' lifecycle. So if this bug were fixed, you probably would have to not support running any command on the world (not sure if this is currently working or not) while it is paused. A small price to pay in my opinion in exchange for less strain on the server...
  3. I noticed that when the simulation is paused (no players connected) with pause_when_empty the server is still using a lot of CPU (~20%); I know that this has been covered in forum posts of the previous years, however I went ahead and gave a look to a process syscalls trace log (see attachment). What I found is a bit disappointing...it is constantly calling clock_gettime and futex! This is indicator of a spinlock or similar...or anyway some inefficient locking going on. Would it be possible to acknowledge this as a bug (because of the waste of CPU/energy) and perhaps in future fix it? Thanks