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  1. I just noticed that... ugh. I know this meme format was used a while ago, but I just R E A L L Y wanted to use it because it pretty much described the first thing I did after getting my class schedule today. Enjoy, I guess?
  2. Here's some Don't Starve Merch atrocities I found on Amazon. Or do I mean, Don't Three Sta threeerve Three Together Merch atrocities? petition to rename Don't Starve Together to Don't Three Sta threeerve Three Together. *clap clap* g e t o n i t k l e i (EDIT) Also, iPone. Just wanted to point that out.
  3. *viciously sprays air freshener in the scent of 'dank'* this meme thread shall no longer reek of sadness
  4. (No new memes. Sorry.) Does anyone have any meme ideas? I'm running out of them. Fast. Instead, have some 3 am doodles (Yes, that is Wendy dumping coffee on herself.)
  5. Look who's alive I haven't been here in months anyway have the memes that I made today using @minespatch's Wilson and Maxwell transparents
  6. If this Wilson isn't meme material I don't know what is
  7. It doesn't work for me! Cri ;-; Oh Christ what have I created (The first one was more practice for removing watermarks from stock photos but bleh)
  8. Thanks I need some ideas for some dnak may mays. Also, @minespatch , do you still have all those Wilson transparents? I'd like to use some of them. For science.
  9. Why not? (It was actually inspired by a typo in a roleplay I was doing with my friend and she BEGGED me to do it)
  10. Hi! I'm new here, so why don't I share with you all the crappy memes I make at like two in the morning? (last one isn't don't starve related but it's a meme I made nonetheless)