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  1. Aimi's fanarts

    Yes, please! Make it happen, Klei! We need catcoon or pet toys! minespatch, thank you
  2. Aimi's fanarts

    Hi, so I drew another fanart and decided to share it here I love catcoons, they are so cute. Took me around 5 hours And again some work in progress because I like seeing that progress
  3. Aimi's fanarts

    Thank you! Tbh I really enjoy watching Jouste's streams and I've learned a lot from his advises DragonMage156, I have considered turning him off too but decided not to to get the full experience so now I just run from him every time
  4. Hi, I have been a big Don't Starve fan and recently I found Klei's Twitch and art streams and I felt so inspired that I decided to draw a picture and I was pretty content with the final result so I decided to share it here I love the design of Deerclop but I really hate how he breaks my stuff all the time. And here is a little gif of my progress