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  1. Can't save progress?

    I appreciate the support so much! I'm sending the folder, but it appears to me that it lacks some of the files you mentioned, but mb its just me. The e-mail it will come from is [removed]
  2. Can't save progress?

    Name is Dimanikor. I will send one more right away.
  3. Can't save progress?

    I've done that a couple times already actually. Really makes me sad to stop playing the game waiting for the problem to get fixed. I wonder if the progress should be saved automatically. It's not like there is a save button in the pause menu.
  4. Can't save progress?

    I have the exact same problem. I mean the game is really good so far, but the disability to save the progress of any kind just upsets me so much. If anybody has a solution or an answer of some sort, please, reply here, guys ^-^