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    YUKI - THE SNOW MUSHROOM ----------------------- (This is my first character mod so if have any problem, give me ur feedback and support me. Thanks a lot! ^^) STATS--------- Hunger: 150 Health: 150 Sanity: 200 Link on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1306479805 ====================================================================================== About Yuki: I think she is a good supporter, who can make Food for Sanity and Health Items for battle Cool down player Easy to find eggs and meat from Prey Good in Winter but Bad in Summer Run fast but weak .... When play as Yuki, try to find ICE and MUSHROOM as much as possible and build Mushroom farm earlier ========================================================== PERKS/TRAITS ------Is a vegetarian and a mushroom------ + Little faster than normal but weak (same Wendy dame) + Only eat vegestables so it's good for health (gain 1/10s) + Prey don't fear her and if Yuki kill preys, she lost 30 sanity + Love Ratatouille (more points when eat) + She is a mushroom so she likes rain. Gain sanity when raining (but still be wet) + Can eat mushroom (raw/cooked), but don't eat raw Red Mushroom - Raw red--- [- 20 health, -15 sanity, +12,5 hunger] - Cooked red--- [+15 health, -10 sanity, +0 hunger] - Raw green--- [+0 health, +15 sanity, +12,5 hunger] and give one mushroom spore - Cooked green--- [+0 health, +30 sanity, +13 hunger] - Raw blue--- [+35 health, +0 sanity, +25 hunger] and give one mushroom spore - Cooked blue--- [+1 health, -1 sanity, +0 hunger] This's different ways to use mushroom (raw/cooked). Remember this to have the best effect ------Born in snowland------------------ Yuki loves Winter. She run faster and gains Sanity everytime in Winter, more than if snowing. White snow like Yuki's veil, it's make her gains health (5/10s) and absorpt 50% dame received Cold and freezy resistance Yuki shines in Winter night Yuki's body very colds. It's slow down food spoilage and cools player around her down to....death (It's good for someone who overheating to stay near her, but don't stay to long) Yuki hates Summer. Her sanity drain everytime in Summer and very easy to overheat Yuki takes more 50% fire dame. Be careful with fire! XD ---------Can craft some special things with Mushroom and Ice----------- - Pupe Mushroom: use like Honey Poultice but more than 10 health (+40) - Pupe Mushsoup: Yuki's special food, [+65 Health, +50 Hunger, + 50 Sanity] - Pupe Cocktail: Yuki's special food, [+20 Health, +20 Hunger, + 75 Sanity] - Snow Mushroom: Yuki's soul, it's only shines in Winter night - Ice Armor: an armor like wood armor but harder to destroy - Ice Helmet: like Wigfrid's hat - Ice Walking Death: special weapon by Walking Cane + Spear [ Run faster (walking cane's speed) when equip and do 20 dame Has 30% to crit. Do more 30 dame (total 50) ] ---------Yuki is a mushroom, daugher of the Moon--------------- When full moon, she become Moonlight form and be protected by Moon - Absorpt 80% dame received - Health regain (2/1s) - Sanity gain super fast -------------------------------------------------------- My characters don't use body size of original characters (leg is taller than), so its can't use some skins in game. I were rebuild some file from <default>, San(Princess Mononoke), Waiter 101 Together v5.0x Mod. Custom voice "Tecolin" And Character's appearance from hinausa, neko-rina deviantart Say "Thanks!" for it and "Sorry" for my English -------------------------------------------------------- date: 24/02/2018