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  1. So recently my friends and I completed a gorge game at around 7 minutes before the official end of the gorge event. At the time, the 2 friends I was playing with were at the bottom of the leaderboard with one of my other friends, with a score a little less than 5500. Once we completed that last game we got a score of around 5700, and once the leaderboard updated, I took the place of the friend that was previously on the leaderboard, instead of a new placement of my two friends and I higher up with a better score. I hope this can get resolved soon, thanks to whoever fixes this in the future. edit:fixed a typo Here are some screenshots to show what happened
  2. So uh I made a thing just gonna post this here thank me later
  3. My friend Grandpa Woodlegs The Pirate, someone from discord, not sure if he is here, came up with the pig thief meme
  4. Oof it’s been a long time since i’ve posted anything here well not sure if anyone did this format already but I made a meme also here’s a random transparent, somebody go do something with it
  5. Just spent the last 3 days of my life reading through all the dnak meymeys on this thread now then, time to start posting memes of my own ”maniacal laughter”