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  1. I've got several filters set up in my bases and all of them are stating that they're filtering 'Oxygen' in their tooltip, no matter what they are set to. The filter works fine, though, so it's just a description bug and not impacting functionality as far as I can see. Included a savegame: The gas filter in the bottom-most room is filtering 'Natural Gas', tooltip says 'Oxygen'. The liquid filter above the geyser to the left is filtering 'Water', tooltip says 'Oxygen'. The gas filter above the electrolyzers to the left is filtering 'Hydrogen', tooltip says 'Oxygen'. Shelter.sav
  2. As a workaround: It seems that deselecting all categories of the fridge drops the food that was in limbo. If you then reselect them, the food can be stored again.
  3. The hint box for polluted water states that polluted water emits polluted oxygen, so this also happening inside machines is probably a feature and not a bug.