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  1. As I always say. A bee character. With quirks around being friends with bees for honey production and killers bees for combat.
  2. After four hours of playing the event, I came to the conclusion that I wanted a crow character. Thanks.
  3. I started with Shipwrecked, I placed my science machine next to the water and it started to short circuit. Don't understand why if it had wooden legs and the water did not touch the electrical part. I died trying to figure out how to fix a science machine.
  4. I met a very peculiar hornet that creates mods. I never thought I would find something so unique.
  5. Do you guys think Wagstaff gonna be playable or just a npc?
  6. Wow, that would be pretty cool. Now I really want this to be a reality.
  7. So... its gonna have a part two or something?
  8. Really really thank you klei, you guys are the best.