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  1. Hello devs? I want to show you something Omggggg she's perfect. If you're a developer reading this, think with care and love. It's good to see that there are more people with the same level of excitement for a bee character
  2. Hahaha, omg, I totally forgot about his allergy to bees. I imagine her apologizing when she interacts with him and him saying that he's "totally fine". Oh really?! I never saw it, I'll take a look c:
  3. I was playing yesterday with a friend and after dying to lag together with killers bee's, we were wondering how cool a bee character would be, something like a anthro grumble bee, like webber is with spiders. She would have perks involved with hives, bees and maybe the bee queen. I know this is kind of a generic post, but I just wanted to read what you guys think of a bee character. "Hi honey, what's the buzz?! i think i would bee very helpfull"
  4. I am a simple man. I see a suggestion to add new biomes, I upvote.
  5. It would be so wonderful if it were implemented. I like her a lot, but it's impossible not to say that you feel a lack of synergy in her perks. Please devs, give a little love to our innocent scale survivor.
  6. Nymm, the shy bard. ( From Hollow Knight ) - He has already participated in a cult. (ease of handling objects that lose sanity) - He can play his accordion to regain some sanity for him and allies - Afraid of "flames". (loses sanity close to any fire source) - Shy. Doesn't give warnings when close to other players (deerclops, hounds...)
  7. klei stop giving things for free, i want to give my money to you guys.
  8. when i try to follow klei instagram page i got moved to facebook page help