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  1. Really really thank you klei, you guys are the best.
  2. Wilbur, throwing poop at everything.
  3. the check again youtube button is not working for me, and instagram redirection is taking me to facebook. edit. the youtube one is fine, only the instagram doesnt work now
  4. People take this game too seriously Chillax dude, just don't do what you consider broken on the server you play.
  5. Wormwood Buff Idea

    He's fine.
  6. Early Access?

    It's very painful to watch. I don't think they even played dont starve once.
  7. Not about Warly, but do you guys think Billy will be playable based on Wortox's talk about a goat? Another thing, is this just out of curiosity, did the gorge characters escape after us or did they stay in that dimension?
  8. Me telling to myself that I'm totally okay and waiting patiently for the next update.