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  1. Really really thank you klei, you guys are the best.
  2. the check again youtube button is not working for me, and instagram redirection is taking me to facebook. edit. the youtube one is fine, only the instagram doesnt work now
  3. "We have partnered with Epic to bring the Alpha of Griftlands to the Epic Game Store exclusively for one year, and will launch in Early Access on Steam next June." It's okay, I've waited a year, I can wait another one
  5. Please make snow wilson have a white blueish beard Klei ;-;
  6. I cri evrytiem
  7. Klei: only on the end of year We: at least can we get a beta? Klei: OF COURSE, in the end of year
  8. I lost all my skins, emotes, portraits and spoils after playing the gorge. ( Yes, i return to the not-beta )