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  1. That Looks like it’s trying to round robin out of the shutoff. Trying to put packets going down, then after it tries, finds out it can’t go that direction, and just pipe blocks every time it’s trying that direction. Instead of knowing it can’t go that way from the start and putting all the packets going upward.
  2. Yea, it’s not difficult to go do a sweep manually or manually put the number of eggs to crack in an egg cracker. That’s not really the point. The point is the amount of micromanagement needed for just this one aspect of the game that makes it tedious to the point where you just dread dealing with it. Even streamers are doing it less and less each play through cause it’s annoying for little benefit. The auto wrangle was a big help. That’s the reason the rail egg storage workaround came into existence in the first place. Now we need something to help with egg management in a proper way. Im not advocating the elimination of dupes having to do extra work or anything with it, it should just auto generate those activities like your dupes moving things to storage already from the ground. I’m also not recommending we go back to just shove all eggs in a compactor and let them all mass hatch from there, and that was too easy and eliminated the need for the incubator. But there has to be a reasonable way to keep a small stored supply of eggs to put in incubator when you need it, without having to be constantly concerned you cracked it, or it expired. For the getting rid of eggs, maybe just tie it to the auto wrangle from the drop off point to always flag eggs to be moved to storage based on priority number. Then you’d add a special stasus type storage for just a couple eggs max that you can keep stocked with higher priority, and overflow the rest to a fridge to be cracked at egg cracker with the repeating order. they can still go stale and expire in the fridge like now, but just don’t expire in the small status storage. This way you can crack away at eggs without the worry of accidentally killing off the species, while not having to constantly be checking it over and over and dealing with it. Unfortunately, I don’t really foresee people putting up with the micromanagement too long and see regular players start following the streamers who are for the most part skipping it now Another example of of this type of micromanagement is the regolith removal. Having to manually keep giving orders to get rid of it. It’s not sustainable without wanting to choke someone. The placement of tile blueprints at a priority 1 so they auto clear is obviously cheesy but it’s the only sane way to do it now without the micromanagement. For this maybe link it to tidy somehow where they’ll go clean off tiles/doors that have regolith on them but ignore regolith cleanup if it’s not on one of them. So they aren’t getting rid of regolith all over the unused surface areas. Anyway, Micromanging your dupes is good and fine. Micromanaging those other aspects doesn’t really make the game enjoyable and makes those areas of the game avoided, which I really hate to see. And I do think these are still things it should cost your dupes time to do, but not your time as the player to have to deal with tedium repeatedly. I could b completely wrong, but I think We’d all rather be trying to build the next big thing in our colony instead of playing the Ranching/regolith whack-a-mole for 40+ hours a colony.
  3. With the critter egg/conveyor rail storage being fixed, there really needs to be a special egg compactor or something that can store a couple eggs each, without them hatching out of it, and without going stale as well. There really isn't a good way to use eggs for food without having to micromanage the cracker to make sure you dont over crack your eggs, and ultimately kill of a species. And The auto-wrangle witht eh drop off points was definately a help last xpac, but critters are still too micomanagey because of the egg handling still.
  4. Life, this fix was a fix for a previous update today addressing the audio problem.
  5. The new critters are nice and all but there needs to be some stuff put in place to make it a bit easier to manage the critters now that life cycles exist and the sheer amount of eggs that are valuable enough to be saved compared to just being food. I like that there is a life cycle for hatches now, but there is a lot of micro management, which results in making the critters more of a nusance than something you want to expand. I do hope that gets ironed out more over the updates. From everything I seen the goal for the players is to be able to properly design something and have it basically auto pilot while you work on the next project, and the critter design now seems to need far more continuous interaction than any other part of the game at this point.