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  1. She is noob friendly (ghost can help you in fight+ Less sanity loss)
  2. Warly and why he needs a rework

    Warly also one of my favorite characters, it’s sad to see that he is really underpowered. This pretty much the best description for his current state. Variety food is absolutely bad and overcome all his upside, any normal character Make meatballs+normal meats and survive the entire seasons, meanwhile i am stuck in my base trying to find ingredients for recipes. Wes is easier than him in ruins because the fact he can stack taffy and jerky, warly can’t do that. I don’t think the main problem is that he is “hard” to play, but the fact he doesn’t reward skilled player, the time you learn variety and find ingredient you get the same reward as wilson killing spider for meatballs with less effort and time. I don’t think he need a complete rework, he need rebalancing, variety definitely need a change. QoL needed: Let him upgrade his chef pouch using Krampus sack, because in mid game more inventory is needed so i have to sacrifice his chef pouch. His crockpot should cook food faster, this will make him turtle less next to his crockpot.
  3. Wheeler Feedback

    Yes this is needed, Sometimes I try to hammer something then I accidently use dodge, Wortox has the same problem. BTW is "your last visit" bugged or something? it say your last visit was april 2018.
  4. Was playing Wagstaff in RoG (Hamlet compatible world) and the game crashed randomly, I don't have any mod enabled, I used console to spawn infra goggles before it crash. Here is the log
  5. Spider Monkey

    It is a bug, in tuning.lua they suppose to do 60 damage Obviously because they are bigger, I don't see a problem with their speed 1-Because they are hybrid Not only spider 2-500 HP follower would be OP
  6. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    -Infinite source of range damage is good. -you are invincible while using dodge make it good to fight bosses. -I like the idea of Navigadget, it is good to find rare items (thulecite- Doydoy - Hamlet relics) - Speed bonus may be good addition but it may make her wilbur 2.0 especially with her dodge speed. My only problems: Some of her perks doesn’t make fit with her design and stereotype. She is adventurous and explorer Dodge+Gun fit more on tactical character Her low inventory is too harsh, it’s a downside that is very hard to played around.
  7. Subjective and opinion based, not everyone find him boring. “Wortox is overshadowed by people who know how to keep their health up” He has other advantages more than healing, he excel in collecting food and monster meats (for meatballs) and silk. this like saying wilson should sit next to pig houses and only leave if he want prepare for seasons or fight something — i think webber lack of endgame potential, he still a good pick in early game when he can farm silk and meatballs.
  8. He prefer to play with shadow creature.
  9. You need first to set up the event to year of the pig, that will change the king pig appearance and add shrine to your tab. Either change it from world generations or use this command on already existing world in REMOTE then reload the world. Easy mod method
  10. You have to clean the area around the pig king, remove any item-structure around him make sure it’s not hound attack phase and there is no combat target around him. Like this
  11. Yes he isn’t exclusive to any DLC.
  12. I thought wilba is unlocked through giving the queen her crown back.
  13. Oh sorry I didn’t read it I agree with you about wheeler her portrait look good and has smile but in game she look depressed.
  14. [Game Update] - 327549

    They said they didn’t like his design and was problematic in culture. Source So it was better to change his perks and his background i.e: make a whole new character.