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  1. The only issue is that I haven't had time neither motivation.
  2. With some seeds the world generation throws an error and freezes. In this specific case was: VOLCA-1839965168-0 ONI version: LU-358267 All mods have been disabled.
  3. Most mods have been updated or already were working in LU: Amphibious Buildable AETN Custom World Size Export Daily Reports Instant Research Inverse Electrolyzer No Minimum Output Temperature (old No Fixed Temperatures) No Damage Room Size Speed Control Super Miner Workable Multipliers ZP Module Other Mods: ONI-Modloader: I haven't tested if it is still working but it should. I'm not going to make any updates unless a major bug. ONI-Common: I won't maintain this mod any more. I'd suggest to don't use it. Fluid Warp: I'll try to test and fix it but it it's going to be hard and it isn't going to be soon. Building Modifier: I have to rework this mod for LU and I'm still hesitant to post it in Steam Workshop because it's a complex mod. World Reloaded: Same as Building Modifier.
  4. Yeah, that's one of my first mod . Sorry. I was aware that it could cause conflicts, and planned to do a better job, but, you know... life... Also, as pointed, I didn't realize there were changes. I'll try to fix it asap or even delete the mod, thanks for the tips in the wiki.
  5. Lua Wishes

    Nice job. Is there source code available? Just curiosity
  6. Thank you @Shaeden. Any problems so far? I know it may casuse problems with low world sizes. I promise I'll update and publish the mod into steam but I don't know when I'll time to do it
  7. If with "all material" you mean BuildingModifier mod, you can use the old mod but copy all the old folders of the mod (including config and onicommon) into %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\Steam\local\ Other alternative, use a newer non published version from this branch It fixes some bugs and expands the functionality (like wattage in wires) but it hasn't been tested a lot. Also it doesn't depend on Oni Common. I'd choose the later alternative since is has been made with Q3 in mind. This mod has been rename to Workable Multipliers in is in the workshop: To achieve the old result of Fast Mode mod, use this config in WorkableMultipliersConfig.json after subscribing and enabling the mod: { "Enabled": true, "Logging": false, // If true, dumps to the output log the List of Workable subclasses "Workables": { "Constructable": { "AttributeExperienceMultiplier": 1.0, "EfficiencyMultiplier": 100.0, "SkillExperienceMultiplier": 1.0 }, "Diggable": { "AttributeExperienceMultiplier": 1.0, "EfficiencyMultiplier": 100.0, "SkillExperienceMultiplier": 1.0 } } }
  8. Mod updating > infinite loop

    I confirm the issue
  9. Mod status: BuildableAETN: Already in SW (Steam Workshop) CustomWorld: Already in SW InstantResearch: Already in SW NoDamage: Already in SW SpeedControl: Already in SW SuperMiner: Already in SW RoomSize: Already in SW ZeroPointModule: Already in SW BuildOverFacilities: Not sure if I'll upload it. BuildingModifier: I need to refactor it a bit. I'll wait until ONI release. FastMode: Probably I'll upload it. FluidPhysics: This mod doesn't quite work as I intended. Still I haven't been ablet to fix it. FluidWarp: A bit of testing and I'll upload it to SW InverseElectrolyzer: A bit of testing and I'll upload it to SW. Maybe I'll remove the building with 1 input. MoreTraits: Performance test and then I'll upload it. NoFixedTemps: There are mods in SW already like this. WorldGenReloaded: I'll wait until ONI release. Notes: The mods should still work with ONI buildin modloader if you put them in their own folder under: C:\Users\YOUR_USER\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\local\ There is a specific branch for the mod steam versions (its a WIP): I plan to remove ONI-Common dependences when/if Klei provides a nicer way of manage config files. Thanks for the patience.
  10. Yes, there is, but I want to refactor it a bit. Sorry, I just came back from holidays. I'll try to catch up.
  11. The plan is to upload all the mods but it's pretty slow since I'm also cleaning a bit and adapting them for Steam.
  12. Dear developers and community, some time ago I posted a list of modding related question and suggestions but I think this may be a more suitable place for that. I'm sure you have been thinking in some of these topics, please, forgive me I they have been mentioned before elsewhere. Do you have plans to extend the modding support? I mean things like support for mod configurations in game. Maybe this could be added to the new mod list window. Or even a mod API, althougt it's true that Harmony is very powerfull by itself. I think the mod community is having a hard time with a couple of thinks, namely, adding assets to the game (sprites, animations, ...). Any foreseeable KAnim editor in the future? Also it would be really nice to be able to extend easily the UI (menus). Would it be possible to mod the physics simulation somehow? This would be awesome. I know that it's possible to modify the gas/liquids/solids properties but I mean, for example, to mod the way some formulas are calculated. I also want to say thanks to the developers for the hard job they are doing adding mod support and taking into account the community. I firmly think that mods will grant to this game a long long life. Thanks to the modding community for get involved since the begining when I uploaded the first version of the ONI-Modloader My first intention was to kickstart the mod creation in this game since I saw so much potential. Goal achieved. It's been a wonderful time. Let me know if I can help in some way.
  13. Nice to see that the game development is coming to a wrap up. Thanks for the efforts. Just a little sad, as a modder, at this point I was expecting some improvements to the mod support. We know that there'll be steam support and we are looking forward to test it. I've added a list of suggestions here: Keep the good job!!
  14. Thanks for noticing the error and for uploading the output.log. I found the error and fixed it. I've had to change the Building tab and Tech. You can find it now in Utilities tab and Computing tech (next to duplicants checkpoints). Please, download and replace the new dll and try again.
  15. It doesn't work. It's seems like the latest ONI versions have change the way the Wires wattage capacities are assigned. I'll try to fix it but I'm still not sure how to do it...