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  1. Comic Script W.I.P. Don't Starve

    Well I did say that I was better with DS art on paper than doing it digitally.... so yea... Also it kinda already is lore, well... it is heavily based off of the Don't Starve lore. Such as Maxwell's past as William carter (this will appear in the future), how each character got trapped and what they are going through. And when people die.... BE PREPARED! It is gonna have a lot of gory details and may be uncomfortable to draw so yeah... that's that...
  2. Comic Script W.I.P. Don't Starve

    Here is a digital example from my old as crap DA acount: I have uploaded about two or three things that are actually recent activity... everything else on my DA account is so old it is painful to look at.
  3. Comic Script W.I.P. Don't Starve

    Digital or paper? Oh heck with it I'll send both.
  4. It is a cigar that he likes to hold in a extreamly stupid way. Looks normal at first but make the and motion he is and them imagine holding a big ol' cigar there too. Just.... why????????
  5. Comic Script W.I.P. Don't Starve

    I didn't actually expect someone to ask this... at first I was going to draw the comic but I am not too good At digital Don't Starve art yet decent on paper. This was supposed to be a release saying that I'm making one. I haven't ever actually made a real/official comic before. So I may be a pain to deal with. Also my quotation was saying it is incomplete as in the entire story... but if you really want to do it I won't stop you. If you are wanting to then honestly take as much time as you like for a storyboard. And once again, I am very highly likely going to be a pain to work with. Plus I don't even really quite know how this works because then again, I have never really wrote a real comic. I won't be offended whatsoever if you don't wish to do this.
  6. Comic Script W.I.P. Don't Starve

    Please remember this is incomplete but will be updated when new content is added to the story for the comic. This may or may not be the reason that the story is at a cliffhanger, sudden and bad stops, has errors, or anything else of the sort. Thank you.
  7. Comic script: Prologue: The Final Act Subs: (Showing a poster of an advertisement for “The Amazing Maxwell!” and one of his shows) Once,A long time ago. There was a man known as Maxwell who traveled across the world with his assistant and wife, Charlie. Maxwell had performed his amazing magic tricks with the shadows without ever realizing what he was doing. However though, during one of their shows… everything was going as usual; Maxwell constantly leaving the crowd bewildered and thrilled trick after trick. Maxwell: (Showing Maxwell raising a shadow hand with the gesture of his hand) Okay! I’ve had my fun there, but now it is time we perform the final act of tonight’s show! Charlie: (Charlie walks over to Maxwell and asks him the following quietly) *Shall I pull out the book we planned on using?* Maxwell: (Replies quietly) *Please, thank you Charles.* Maxwell: (Goes back into performing voice) And now, for the final act! For our final performance of the night, I am going to pull shadows incarnate from this mysterious tome! (Charlie holds the book facing towards Maxwell while he puts his hand in the book) Maxwell: (hears whispers of “them” saying: no more no more. Sides of box are darkened.) Maxwell: (He begins to pull something out of the tome. In the next box he is grabbed by a shadow hand) Maxwell: (Is pulled onto his hands and knees by the hand as it grabs it head and tries to drag him in) Charlie: (Has been and still is frozen with fear) Maxwell: (The shadow hand lets go and hides in the book.) Charlie: (Runs to his aid) Maxwell: (Looks up at her but the book suddenly opens by itself and pages turn but suddenly stop) (The shadow hands fly out of the book and snatch Charlie and Maxwell and flies around rapidly in random directions before the ceiling collapses.) (Show Magazine saying: HUNDREDS DEAD AT MAXWELL’S SHOW! CHARLIE AND MAXWELL NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!) Chapter 1: The beginning of the end Subs: (Show Wilson’s house.) It has been 95 years since then, it happened in 1906 and it is now the year of 2001, 95 memorials held once a year for all those who had died that night… including Maxwell and his beloved Charlie... Wilson: (Show wilson pouring the hydrogen from the small test tube to the larger container) Just a little bit more of hydrogen with the oxygen… (Next box is completely covered with smoke from the explosion with large text saying: POOF!) Wilson: (Wilson face palming) Crap! I forgot to lower the gosh darn temperatures of the two! Wilson: (flops on chair in frustration) Maxwell: Hey pal, looks like you’re having some trouble! I have secret knowledge I can share with you. Think you are ready for it? Wilson: (Is listening to his radio and gets excited, he nods his head eagerly) Maxwell: Okay then! (Craftable items float around him as Wilson learns the secrets,) Wilson: I’ve got an idea! ( Remember as he lists each item, show it in the box) Two lab rats, multiple nails, a hammer, paint, lightbulbs, blacksmith mask, and a drop of blood. Maxwell: (Wilson is facing towards Maxwell’s door) Excellent! Now throw the switch. (Wilson hesitates for a second) DO IT! Wilson: (Mocks Maxwell’s words but pulls the lever anyway) Maxwell: HA HA HA HA HA HA! YOU STUPID FOOL! (Shadow hands appear and grab Wilson, dragging him down) Wilson: (awakes in a grass field by a birch tree forest.) Argh… my head…. Maxwell: (Maxwell appears) Say pal, you don’t look so good. You better find some food before night comes! Wilson: (Reaches out confused and unaware the speaking box was him) Wait! What happened?! Where is my home!? Wait! Are you The amazing Maxwell from the shows? What happened?! Wait no hold on! Please don’t…..leave…….. I’m so….confused.. Wilson: (Gets up) I might as well do what he said, he is the amazing Maxwell after all, I think… (Plucks grass, picks up flint and rocks, gathers twigs/sticks, makes axe, chops down trees, hunts rabbits.) (Wilson pulls out the last live rabbit) Wilson: Aww, no I can’t... come here bud (Wilson pats on his lap and the rabbit jumps in his lap). Ummm.. aha! (pulls out a carrot from pocket) Here you go. (rabbit eats the carrot in his lap while Wilson strokes it) I’m going to name you… Zen. I might as well have someone to live with. Who knows what will happen to m-(Zen is looking up as if he was clearing his throat and expecting something) Sorry… us is what I meant to say. Wilson: (Wilson looks up into the sky) Well, let me get the fire going. (Makes campfire) Zen, how and why is your fur black and white? It’s so… odd…. Anyway… I’m going to cook some food. Here, I will make a quick little bed for you. (Fluffs and shapes cut grass into a bed-like structure and Zen hops in and get comfy. Wilson smiles at this.) (Something dashes by and makes Wilson feel uneasy, especially the fact that he knew it wasn’t in his head; Zen had perked his ears at it as well.) Wilson: Hold on, aha! Flowers, flowers, flowers…. (Makes a flower crown) Here buddy… (Makes a smaller version of a flower crown for Zen) (Zen gets up and leans back in a threatening pose of some sorts) Wilson: Zen come back, we don’t know what that is- (Wilson is cut off by growling, snarling, snapping, and barking. Zen makes a awful and terrifying sound: (Make hyperbole saying, Huuuuuuuuuuaahhhh) (Zen turns into a monstrous beast, turning all out black, his eyes turned to a solid blue but then to solid red, his tail stretched out into a furry tentacle shape without spots nor spikes with a raindrop-shaped poof of fluff at the end, grew massively larger; just barely smaller than a hound, his nails grew into long and sharp claws, and his teeth turned sharp and scary.) Wilson:Z-ZEN?! Zen: (Lets out a piercing shrill, exposing his teeth and still facing the direction of the creature) (Hounds lunge out the dark at Wilson, Zen grabs them and throw them away. One slams into Zen and hits his chest hard. Zen lets out a cough) Zen: Oh you just don’t know when it’s best flee huh? (Zen kicks his opponent and grabs him by the neck. Zen tosses the hound at the others, and they all go whimpering away.) Zen: (Snorts and turns back to Wilson, his eyes going back to solid blue) Wilson: (Flinches and pulls away) Since when c-could you-u do that?! And why can you talk!? Zen: The world brings many questions and many will never be answered. Luckily for you I can easily answer those questions and not waste precious time. I was born as a plain and solid white rabbit. The reason you do not see many different colored rabbits other than white and brown is because any other color is considered a bad omen and will cause the warren misery or even for the warren to completely die out. Therefore different rabbits are sent away to die or never return.