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  1. This is one of my favorite games right now and is the most played game in my library. I love and also can't stand this update. The concept animations are awesome but there are some problems I am facing. First of all this is not the biggest deal but, I started up a 100ish cycle with the new update and it is nearly impossible to resume because of the requirements needed from the job board. Maybe I am wrong about that though and I'm just clueless. Anyways, I started a new game and everything went decently well but now I am facing wire shorts and disconnects at an astonishing rate. Like there are AT LEAST 10 wire disconnects at any single time instead of maybe 1-2 at a time max. Now with the wire repairs set on priorities instead of just the disconnects, I spend most of my time setting the priorities high enough for them to do the task right away. Which comes to my last problem. I now have had 2 sections of wire where it was impossible to repair no matter what I did. I tried changing types of metal to setting the priority of 9 and they completely ignored it. Also to note, all the lowest tier jobs at minimum were completed 100% by at least one duplicant. Maybe I am doing something completely wrong but, I have no clue but it's honestly unplayable because of the wire shorts, Which makes me very sad because I love this game.