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  1. Yeah, What Alex said. But yes, the graphics card manager has Oxygen Not Included set to use my dedicated graphics.
  2. I tried both these things and the issue persists, though now the developer's note persists instead of disappearing. The game did get into the main menu once, but the frame rate was around 4fps and I couldn't click anything before it crashed.
  3. When I attempt to run my game, it opens to the screen with the note from the dev team saying "this game is in early access", but then the note disappears, and then the game's picture disappears, and then they come back, and then they disappear the same way. They do this about 4 times before disappearing forever, the music plays and then the game goes into not responding, the music plays on a low volume when this happens I have tried: Re-installing the game Verifying the integreity of the game files Restarting steam restarting my computer Switched from integrated graphics to dedicated graphics Disabled my antivirus none of this seems to work. I was really looking forward to all the new features you posted, they looked super swell. I hope you can help me CPU: intel core-i7 6700HQ 2.60GHz GPU: Nvidia 960M RAM: 16gb