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  1. Hey thanks for that! just got 2 elegants by just opening 2 chests may i ask where you get your luck
  2. I lowkey wished that verdant woodie's quote was "i speak for the trees" instead so i could make that lorax joke
  3. Yeah that makes alot of sense, thanks! I'm not really complaining was just wondering why chests weren't dropping frequently
  4. What are the odds of getting a curio chest? I only got 3 chests and most of them being commons and spiffies. I feel like the curio chest drops were toned down alot.
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome! I actually had an account a long time ago but decided to start a new one instead (because i was way too embarrased to use it) ill probably be here for awhile maybe posting stupid memes because im tottaly mature!
  6. Maybe i could improve this? also i made an account just so i could post this and yes my editing sucks