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  1. I don't like that i even can't download some older version of DST via steam.
  2. Hello. No matter what, i cannot bypass 64 players limit for DST server. I set max_players = 100 in cluster.ini, but it's will be 64 players anyway. How to solve this problem?
  3. Astral detector don't like looking on it, like enderman: but if enderman only try to kill you, astral detector just crash game
  4. for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do ThePlayer.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end
  5. I don't like seacrh my own dedicated server in online list, so i going to lan and to see my server there without seaching in online.
  6. Setting connection to LAN crash game with this message
  7. I always knew about possible eplepsy problem with lightnings, but never thought that it's can happen with player that i know.
  8. I only don't like when abigail tried to attack not sleeping bidrs, the only thing that i don't like it...
  9. I feel you pain. Also abigail don't attack sleeping birds also. Rip butterflies and sleeping birds farming.
  10. Moose have 90% damage reduction. If allow to heal in battle it's become OP.
  11. Now it's fine klei. It's cool that i can find lunal island with goose.
  12. Now woodies on public servers will eat all food. P.S I'm still can't believe that it's not a bug.
  13. I can confirm a problem my entity count awake goes skyrocket after some swimming: 1000 and more,