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  1. Honestly i really don't like recipe changes for rain book. Reason: season locking. I'm not that kind of person that playing all through seasons...
  2. \backups is probably only chat and servers logs... Open that directory, if everything there is just .txt files then you can delete it.
  3. I uplouded .exe 64 bit file of DST to virustotal and no single antivirus detected any threat...
  4. Probably you can recover some files until files got overwritten by new files. Because when you delete files OS just mark files as deleted. Seacrh some programm for recovering files.
  5. QoL updates is really nice thing. It's possible remove that 64 player limit though? In some scenarios im srill can provide good server performance even if >64 players.
  6. I'm agree with shadowDigga, Maxil20. And some chars before this update was buffed literally without any new nerf: wigfrid for example why wickerbottom should be nerfed instead buffed?
  7. I'm still waiting sorting by name in world selection screen
  8. It's not bug, it's halloween special skin. lol
  9. Server hosters (include me), don't like so often hotfixes.
  10. Astral detector don't like looking on it, like enderman: but if enderman only try to kill you, astral detector just crash game