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  1. Actually afaik slimelung is able to survive only above 10°C. My future plan is to cool down whole biom to see what will happen. Anyway. Nice challenge .. good luck with that, but still, I don't think it's real based on what I know how game is designed. To medbay .. as I played your save, I left it several minutes to see what will happen. Jean dug most of dupes and got like 300K slime germs, I left them unwatched and after a while she was at medbay with food poisoning and like 5K germs. So, seems like food poisoning is able to heal slimelungs infestation Also, medbay is good for healing hypotermia. So yes, you can use few of them. Actually I have one med pod per three dupes .. already experienced bad moments so I'm ready now.
  2. Tried your save and .. btw do you know that you have slime blocks directly in your base? Just interesting fact aside your safety policy I was always thinking that chlorine works only as slow detergent/killer against surface germs. Host germs must be "breathed out" over time. As basic imunity gain is 15% per day and every 10K germs take you 1%, you're safe when below 150K. So, being on your position, I would dig a hole with max priority. Then forbide access there until miners get germs to minimum. However, nice point is how did they got infected when they don't breathe in chlorine btw I recommend adding sink on medbay exit, as doctors always leave with some surface germs when helping infected
  3. Thanks for showing me this up. Understand .. my base sucks at many levels, but it's my first game and now it's about refactoring it from scratch or simply starting from the beginning. Well, I've chose to continue and live in hell However, I think pipe branching works different way in last patch, didn't it? Or I didn't noticed? Still, it doesn't work as expected from my POV. As if you are merging two pipes together, it's common that content get mixed and total capacity is above max, both pipes get blocked. However, splitting works more like switch. It pumps 100% to single or another one. If selected output is blocked, source is blocked and second output gets nothing. I would rather expect behaviour in way that it select all possible ways from crossing, so 50%/33% (2 or 3 outputs) and if any way get's blocked, rest of gas/liquid go proper way. Using bridges to solve this issue seems more like using glitch to solve game poorly designed feature (or most probably not so good optimalization).
  4. I can't say it's the cause .. let's see my images .. I have three rows of hydrofarms, below line was added as last and works without any issues for several cycles. Top two are broken. Every time I'll add hydrofarm on second spot, it got broken. If I remove it, whole line works ok.
  5. Having same problem, nothing wrong in pipes nor farm. Whole row was built in latest update, older farms works flawlessly.
  6. I still miss reason of having chlorine geyser .. what is benefit of having one in base?
  7. Got a dupe with interest in Cooking but with Gastrophobia so he cannot cook. Seems like bit splitted personality
  8. Well, I've run into more weird liquid behaviour. Check .. Also, I think stacking should work oposite way, as water has density 1000kg per square and polluted water 800kg per square, it should stack above it. I'm now unsure about cure oil density, but due to fact that any oil accident means top level water pollution (IRL), it has also lower density than water.
  9. I can see it miss dirt. I think whole issue is caused by priority of filling task which is below digging (and probably many others). So even when there is default 5 priority on outhouse, you could schedule few digging tasks and noone will fill toilet. Increasing priority should solve this. Btw, it would be great if these tasks priorities could be visible somewhere in game, even better if these tasks could be prioritized manually (when on same level).
  10. Job mouseover hint says hotkey is J, but jobs' button mouseover hint says L. Only L actually works.
  11. Game stops responding when loading greater save positions. It takes almost minute to load my position, most of the time game is in "not respondings" state. It should be great to load it in background and display load progress on UI.
  12. Reloading game rerolls already displayed printing pod blueprints. Actual behaivour: Ran into this by accident and very painfully. Got demigod DNA blueprint but didn't have space for him so wanted to decide later. Later (next real day after reloading game), I've got another blueprints to select. My dream demigod is lost forever. So, I assume this could be considered as glitch as same way you can roll forever with reloading game until you get what you want. Expected: So .. you can give option to reroll DNA same way as in the beggining or preroll few next blueprints in advance and remember it.