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  1. Is this native 4k (Monitor) or Dynamic Super Resolution?
  2. Pretty much happens when you have medium sized colony and you try to quit to menu or desktop even without saving PC configuration: C: is SSD(Game saves) G: Is HDD(Game installation) RAM 16GB CPU 3,6GHz Intel cpu GTX 980
  3. Checked the stamina stat when sleeping it only said +700% sleeping (In Barracks room)
  4. I was playin and bam it crashed on me I've seen that the auto sweeper tooltip after selecting displayed other chores like tinkering Yes no joke (Here is screenshot proof)
  5. Well atmo suited dupes have Temperature around 37*C all the time so they shouldn't feel it unless it changes
  6. There is a passive time-ish progress when doing a job even when not doing it so it can be completed if it's not possible to do for example research
  7. Its dirt the content of farm will change temperature of it
  8. What the! I swear this bug wasn't present before Occupational update
  9. Some of them for example filter or buffer gate placed either vertically or horizontally don't have one tile of them clickable
  10. Some of the filters are off to either of sides Screenshot here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298391718
  11. Yeah I've seen that happen too the dupe was going back and forth on a ladder
  12. The Contents will say Oxygen 0 KG in my case Oxygen 0 KG 900 slimelung
  13. So we have now higher expectations to dupes and all and diamond would be perfect to use to increase decor in small rooms where you can't place many decor buildings I would love to see that fixed
  14. Its really annoying that old dupes didn't roll random interest if they don't have any