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  1. Save would really help to bust this if this is a bug or not I've never experienced this behavior from dupes they always kept themselves away from doors that permission was disallowed unless the door was in pernament open state then permissions are ignored
  2. Perhaps it has to do with new priority thing mess around with them
  3. Despite it being non electrical it has overheat temperature meaning that it will break compared to Gas/Liquid Pipes which don't have that
  4. Damit I hoped that this would be an exploit to remove indestructible tiles they are so annoying
  5. Video of it in action! The content of the farm didn't have that many germs to begin with (the slime inside had like 37k only) also take a note that all the germs were non existent until I dig up first farm tile and got my 5 dupes infected
  6. @Master MinerI think this is an overlook I will check game files to confirm this EDIT: Yep in game's file the same
  7. You are missing valid out put for filtered gas pipe and probably a vent
  8. The game keeps resetting to my monitor's true resolution which is 1080p despite me picking 4k with DSR
  9. Ok an update to the poster: @omark789 You missed a DLL dump next time provide it, its located in the same folder as game executable (it happens when you don't even see the crash report sending screen) The save crashes at almost the end of the cycle My log however doesn't contain: Tested on Windows 7 SimDLL_CRASH_release_255502_20180218-20.04.44 The Optimistic Factory Cycle 83-84.dmp output_log.txt
  10. From reading the log, verify game files Also you only have 4 gb of ram that's under minimum required to run
  11. You probably cured him too late the damage has been done
  12. Yep happened to me too after I loaded save
  13. @badimo You could include the game log located in the game folder so it would be faster
  14. Not a bug, please stop posting bug reports if you aren't sure, you are making it harder for devs to fix actually bugs please use this forum [Oxygen Not Included] - General Discussion When a dupe is ordered to construct something and it blocks his path he will dig out to build the unreachable buildings if marked with dig
  15. Not a bug, toilets produce more polluted water than they take
  16. I haven't seen this happen yet but the forcing out is a game behavior to prevent stuff getting stuck in tiles
  17. Yep I've checked that ingame with 2 farmers One farmer had no Operation errand allowed and second one did so he boosted the plants Also farmers need supplying errand to apply the fertelizers....
  18. Also the +2 athletics doesn't get added as well Screenshot proof:
  19. Description of ceiling lamp states that it does reduce stress but a duplicant doesn't even get it when standing under it