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  1. No more food storage exploits? for a bit at least?
  2. Clicking on planter box with wheezewort in it, crashed the game Oxygen Not Included 2020.11.21 -
  3. I've been using one drive on Windows, I've done it using a method that is called symbolic linking, it's a special shortcut type that you must use CMD with admin rights to create... and then it redirects where the game actually saves files even to other drives and the game will write in any place on PC you want... granted the file system supports symbolic linking NTFS does
  4. Whoa this is great, I had been using custom cloud saving, this is awesome
  5. Don't you love the CO2 liquid to solid and solid to liquid dance? when it rapidly goes like that it shows it's hyped for the DLC
  6. I can't help but check once in a while... There isn't as good as of sim with this cute art-style that could replace Oni... I think they are just being hard at work with performance issues so we get smooth speed up...
  7. Save anything? Windows crash dump?
  8. Nothing else to say besides its annoying
  9. Did you verify the game files via steam?
  10. Please upload save. Also are you building them with priority 8? because if so they will auto set back to 5 upon build
  11. Yep same here, I had no issues with them being invisible before any patch
  12. The save was created on Critter Mark 1 update
  13. The geyser hot water was destructive before, and if you did put too many water coolers you were basically screwed Now we can make stuff more compact make a closed lock to cool water and then later release it in more controllable manner (still not perfect but manageable for most part for farming)
  14. OMG IT"S HAPPENING THE STUFF THAT I WANTED WAS INCLUDED (the inside pipe sensors!!) I'm done for... playing other games than ONI
  15. @cpy Actually it's not that rare, if you are a user who doesn't format the hard drive when installing windows the old permissions will carry over so.
  16. I knew that wheezies were destroying gas in my sleet farm!
  17. @Lutzkhie Please upload log located in game's folder and also any additional logs so devs would fix this faster