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  1. Volcano time frame differs from overworld time frame. This has happened to me many times on console(a year or so ago) and once on pc(as of today). I've had it vary from 3 days difference on pc and up to 40+ days difference on console.
  2. @Zinglon yes, they tend to freeze in the position right before they go to catch a fish. Exhausted fish gen timers sounds plausible but I'm also not a coder. I feel there is potential for far too many fishermerm huts and regular merm huts to spawn within a given vicinity or maybe per map. Fishermerms are also a bit overpowered imo, if their spawn rate was cut in half or their fish caught per day was cut in half (maybe both) they would be more balanced, or if they didn't spawn during mild season, or maybe they eat the fish at nighttime if the player doesn't pick them up in time, etc etc. Right now, it is too easy to stock up on tropical fish using fishermerms. On certain maps, you can easily gather a 40-stack of tropical fish per day. I think we all know how useful tropical fish are. Between hanging them for small jerky, using them as rot or most importantly cooking them, they are quite useful... Am I missing a useful crockpot ingredient? 4 tropical fish = Seafood Gumbo 3 tropical fish + 1 monster meat = Surf n' Turf 2 tropical fish + 1 monster meat + 1 twig = Fish Sticks 1 tropical fish + 2 monster meat + 1 twig = Fish Sticks
  3. @Zinglon glad to hear I'm not the only one. Fishermerms also sometimes freeze in striking position and will stay frozen indefinitely unless attacked. Does this ring a bell?
  4. Has anybody else experienced this? Everytime I set up shop near a tidal marsh biome that has multiple fishermerm huts, the game tends to crash. This has happened during dozens of runs and only occurs when near multiple huts. On my current map/playthrough, the crash occurs every 15-20 minutes, and my base has 5 fishermerm huts relatively nearby. I've had runs on the console version where I would prevent crashes by sectioning off "crash areas" of the tidal marsh biome using stone walls.