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  1. Yeah this makes sense. Like Maxwell definitely dragged some in. I think the caves were kind of where most of the native organisms lived because that's where the Ancients and most of the more strange mobs live/lived.
  2. oh this is all lovely!!! you have a very nice style and i think you should keep at it for sure. good stuff
  3. Something I find especially interesting to think about when it comes to Don't Starve and it's lore is how the organisms in the constant work and what secrets may be hidden behind them. Something I've noticed in particular is that there are a lot of critters that are fusions of different animals found in the normal world, like catcoons, moosegoose, etc. And for a while I thought that was just a silly fun gimmick, but when Webber's animated short came out I couldn't help but wonder if there was maybe some sort of dark force that was taking overworld organisms and fusing them with one another to make entirely new species. Because while before his short Webber was implied to just straight up be eaten by the spider, but when you take a closer look it seems more like they fused. Which honestly makes more sense in the grand scheme of things. So what if Webber just met the same fate that other creature's like the catcoon met? And what about the other fauna and flora that aren't necessarily fusions? I think that the constant has been sucking in all kinds of things long before Maxwell was even like, born, and all those critters adapted into the constant, often into weird monsters because of magic being like, a part of it's ecosystem. I know that was a lot of rambling and likely didn't make much sense but does anyone have any thoughts about this idea they want to share?