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  1. I did a test tonight which shows thermal stuff is running good, decent, for a game. I think the most important thing I can say here is a lot of the posts in the forum are wrong. Many people have assumed incorrectly the ONI game uses detailed physics calculations. There is simply not the calculation time in a fast paced game for these kind of detailed calculations. Klei has actually showed us on this patch that they are getting tighter on more detailed information and I hope this keeps the same direction. I complained and warned Klei bigtime in a post with over 5K views that they could quickly turn into a flop game by not getting tighter on quality control. I think Klei has two obvious people in this thread to consult with in the future for the expansion of their business. Software Dev Engineer and Project Engineer. Sumitomo Cryogenics Of America, Inc. 16 years. C++, C, PHP, ASM, HTML, OBDE, and SQL Patents publicly listed. John M Borchers AKA W3AMD Amateur Extra
  2. Because of the large favoring factor given to thermal conductivity it nullifies most of the difference in specific heat. It's all linear simple calcs which have drawbacks.
  3. Tonights fix stated that there's a constant multiplier to radiant pipes. This is done to emulate thinness of the material in Thermal Conductivity in which the game doesn't normally calculate the area and length. I would suppose this number yesterday was 10 and is now 5. So the thermal conductivity of the tungsten pipe is actually around 600 and not 120. In the program it appears that TC is generally only J/K for each tile and for radiant pipes they added an additional factor of multiplication (~5)
  4. This note appears to be backwards; 'Fix Drip Cooling. In liquid density settling code we should've been calculating average temperature, not average energy which caused a rapid loss of energy.' Should likely read; 'Fix drip cooling. In liquid density setting code we should've been calculating average energy and not average temperature which caused a rapid loss of energy.'
  5. Disabling tip messages to 'not show in the future' does not function.
  6. He's right. Some of the seed numbers will contain a geyser that doesn't exist either due to over range or other condition.
  7. The application leaks memory over time. Classes aren't being destroyed properly or other.
  8. Near infinite liquid storage appears possible with a narrow column with an unbuilt ladder (maybe possibly other types of unbuilt queued tiles) above it. Dripping in water from above allows continuous build of liquid mass staying in a single tile. Does not appear to be possible without being at least 5 tiles deep or so. Originally located by Ayka.
  9. I have a detailed report on this problem. It's definitely a gas bridge that crashes it. It's repeatable. I have another thread on this.
  10. Seems to happen if plants die.
  11. 260234 When dupe's priority is set to wrench they ignore the urgency priority as a secondary. Example, a digger set to wrench priority will dig the closest item by they can find regardless of it's urgency priority. This really screws up other jobs as one could imagine. Have not tested with priority high and higher yet.
  12. Connecting the pipe bridge crashes the game with no error shown. The client just closes. Suspect unhandled math exception? R1-259080 Video playthrough @ 5:38:00 - 5:39:00 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/237489307 Things start to go strangely with pipe flow around 5:37:00 leading into this point. I.E. Gasses in the pipe just disappear. Thermos Cycle 88.sav