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  1. same here,on cycle 7 the game gets eaten by a blackhole !! Looks like this bug is here already a few day`s, weird ghess they dont want us to keep playing =/
  2. When using the Debug tools like the Paint brush, fill and Sample. The mouse cursor size depends on the zoom. the picture is made with my phone, because windows dont show mouse cursor when taking a screenshot.
  3. Hello, When first starting up the game the Sandstone Tile graphics are mixed with Sandstone graphics.
  4. @NanoD Its not the same bug as the one listed below, but it might look the same for you. i did read you post before placing mine, but your explanation could be incomplete try to add a clear picture and description on how to Reproduce your bug, saying load this save file are not steps to reproduce your bug. The Abyssalite dos not transfer the heat to other liquids nor gases.
  5. Hello, There is a bug where Liquid Chlorine at -40C leaks heat (Cold) into Abyssalite insulated tile instant.
  6. Looks like only one module type can be added per rocket…
  7. The more things they add to the game the better iam still waiting on a Goal or Quest tho xD
  8. Hello, There is a bug with the Cargo Bay and Biological Cargo Bay. When added to a rocket it`s not recognized in the Destination Status screen. This is most likely why Rockets don't bring stuff back from other planets.
  9. Not sure if its a bug or intended to be so but, The Space Scanner and the Research Telescope can not see past Window Tile made from glass nor diamond. If its intended then this thread can be closed. Thnx, server075
  10. ya that one is not fixed yet i think same problem here mg of C02 overtaking my base now. i need my oxygen fix.
  11. true, i seen the other thread on it:
  12. almost the same issue here, Oxygen is not moving and gas pumps make a vacuum.