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  1. Well, Unity is more of a spork. It does many things, but none of them really well.
  2. My steam engine setup still behaves very differently: With the public build steam temperature stays above 170°C with doors mostly open while the testing build sees a steady decline down to 140°C with doors closed. The weird disinfecting has stopped, at least.
  3. The last save before I installed the new version is attached. uc27.sav
  4. Quick first test: Slightly more FPS, reduced stutter and much faster autosave. But also: My dupes are disinfecting stuff (mostly air-vents) that shows no germs (and has no real way of getting them) every 30 seconds or so. My steam engine runs at half power and the magma below it is cooling much faster than before. The airlocks I'm using to control the heat transfer are closed most of the time while before installing the update they were almost always open.
  5. I love you now! This sounds great. Can't wait to test it. Edit: Also: First!
  6. I guess it was the air pressure. Thank you, now I know that to fix!
  7. Last night I've tried to make petroleum the old fashioned way, with the refinery building that needs a dupe to run it. I built it behind an Exosuit checkpoint. Now the dupes keep running to the refinery, use it for a split second and run back to get out of their Exosuit. There are no other more important jobs they are running to. Mostly they just idle right after they dropped their Exosuit. The refinery keeps two or three dupes busy running back and forth and produces very little petroleum.
  8. Could someone explain "log-average", please?