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  1. Perhaps some (small) amount of polluted oxygen with slimelung got into your base. Slimelung multiplies in PO. Also, slimelung can spread to tiles. I'm not sure if it will spread from tiles to gas, but perhaps that's the case as well. While minor infections with slimelung won't hurt, it is important to find the source and block the further spreading.
  2. I can confirm that (sometimes?) dupes keep debuffs and animation after healing. For aquatuner - you need to cool it as it will only transfer heat to outside, not delete heat. Submerge it in a liquid and/or use tempshift plates.
  3. Yes, and I'm just giving a view on the problems from another perspective. One problem is how education / training is labelled and that brings in a lot of confusion. "Jobs" are not really jobs, but rather education / training, so currently, assigning e.g. "groundskeeper" means only that some of their skills / buffs will increase after some time and that they will be able to perform distinct tasks. The other problem is that apparently "tidy" is just renamed "mop".
  4. IIRC, many cycles ago, before TU, I was able to purify PO from morbs with deodorizers. Then I've switched to liquefying to avoid being dependent on sand. Now it does seem that deodorizers don't remove germs. They also won't touch other gases with germs. Anyway, what probably happened is that there was a small pocket of PO somewhere low in the base, that slimelung somehow was there or got there and has multiplied and then got into the ventilation system together with CO2...
  5. It seems to me that something has changed recently regarding slimelung or germs in general and/or deodorizers. - I have much higher slimelung counts now in an old stable base where little has changed around the base and all outer work is done in exosuits. Should deodorizes remove germs from oxygen (not PO)? It also seems that slimelung is dying very slow in presence of chlorine. next to
  6. When selecting stuff for a container, when a category is expanded thee pane resets / scrolls to the top instead to expanded category, so that you need to scroll down again to find the expanded section. This is highly annoying and becomes increasingly annoying with time.
  7. As someone else already pointed out, "groundsweeper" is not a job but just education / training. The task to collect stuff is triggered by having space in a container with adequate priority. Manual sweep request overrides that priority. If jobs (what each dupe shall do) and education (currently under "Jobs") would be separated and properly labelled then it would be more clear what they mean. BTW, hats could be removed again, so that the dupes can increase the decor for both other dupes and the player by showing their beautiful hair.
  8. Same here, OC-255716 The pipe (and drain) for filtered gas is missing. (not related and not a bug)
  9. I've experienced the same. I wouldn't say that it is a bug when a pump on start outputs a small packet although there is more than enough liquid there, but this is related to several other quirks of the piping system, like when branches unnecessarily slow the flow rate, which can be sometimes triggered by an odd (small) packet...
  10. I can confirm your findings. Also, it seems that sweeper can sometimes "see" through when two full tiles are placed diagonally of each other, where the corners are next to each other. This, for example, allows the sweeper to fetch stuff from very hot areas. I hope to remain to be able to fetch (very) hot stuff with sweepers. Replacing insulated tiles with airflow tiles is not an option because the sweeper would soon overheat and break.
  11. Looking at details of water steam (Steam), it shows Specific Heat Capacity: 4.179 (J/g)/K It should be (≈) 2.08 J/(g·K) BTW, Wikipedia states water heat capacity as ≈ 4.184 J/(g·K), other sources give 4.181 or 4.187, is there a specific reason to choose 4.179 in the game? (
  12. They won't really replace CO2, just displace it - check how much CO2 they consume: 333.33 mg/s, that's ~0.33 g/s or 1/3 g/s vs. oxygen production of 40 g/s which is 120x more. At 300 g/s water consumption they can be renamed "water deleter".
  13. Thank you for the info! That might be unintended though... Until OC I needed every drop of it to irrigate pincha peppernut. Now I need every drop of it for fertilizer synthesizers, because tepidizer can't heat crude oil into petroleum and NG any more.
  14. Showering removes the "grimy" mood, IIUC that reduces stress.
  15. I've changed the plumbing, but the dupes still interrupt showering.
  16. Duplicants often interrupt showering just to go to another shower. Sometimes they step out of the shower then step into it again. Sometimes they interrupt showering and go to another task, remaining "grimy". There is enough water in the shower and in the pipe. All showers are in latrines. Duplicants sometimes go to another shower in the same latrine and sometimes to another latrine. Water temperature is around 35°C. I'm observing this in a base with 21 duplicants and 12 showers.
  17. If you have accessible magma and polluted water you can boil the PW quite fast to get dirt and steam. Steam condenses to water which you can cool to feed bristles.
  18. OC-254781 When power generators in a "power plant" room are connected to automation signals - to turn them on when batteries need charging - the engineers will start "tuning", but will stop when the generator is turned off and the progress will be lost the next time the generator is turned on. The "tuning" lasts relatively long, so it happens that it is impossible to get the generators tuned. It should be possible to tune them even if they are not running.
  19. It happened to me that after few cycles and a reload I've noticed that few dupes have lost their job. I was able to re-assign the jobs and they are still assigned some 20 cycles later.
  20. AFAIK this is by design. Just add a battery.
  21. Did the polluted ice melt into polluted water?
  22. Perhaps the problem is that dupes won't fill them up if there is very little space available, less than some "minimum chunk". Perhaps there's so little amount missing that it is less than rounding precision.
  23. I've found info that it has to be >250°C. The turbine will output steam at lower temperature, so it will convert heat into electrical energy. We don't yet have a thing that would output that hot steam, so the turbine is currently of little use...
  24. As a side note, if a tempshift plate becomes "entombed" then it becomes selectable!