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  1. IIRC, many cycles ago, before TU, I was able to purify PO from morbs with deodorizers. Then I've switched to liquefying to avoid being dependent on sand. Now it does seem that deodorizers don't remove germs. They also won't touch other gases with germs.

    Anyway, what probably happened is that there was a small pocket of PO somewhere low in the base, that slimelung somehow was there or got there and has multiplied and then got into the ventilation system together with CO2...


  2. It seems to me that something has changed recently regarding slimelung or germs in general and/or deodorizers. - I have much higher slimelung counts now in an old stable base where little has changed around the base and all outer work is done in exosuits.

    Should deodorizes remove germs from oxygen (not PO)?

    It also seems that slimelung is dying very slow in presence of chlorine.

    image.png.2a416638f7a98ac3981ff89b4e09c844.png   next to  image.png.90c10aeeebdc9a562f6565032c452a36.png


  3. 13 hours ago, PaulV said:

    [about algae terrariums]

    I tend to spread them out in the lower areas when digging for oil so they replace the CO2 with oxygen so my dupes have pockets of air to breathe down there. Works pretty well. But for oxygen generation for the base they are pretty bad.

    They won't really replace CO2, just displace it - check how much CO2 they consume: 333.33 mg/s, that's ~0.33 g/s or 1/3 g/s vs. oxygen production of 40 g/s which is 120x more. At 300 g/s water consumption they can be renamed "water deleter".

  4. On 3.2.2018 at 11:46 AM, Surfinite said:

    Stuff might be getting done, but it's getting done slowly and inefficiently (by the wrong duplicants) and there's no way to correct it.

    It can be corrected by tuning the task scheduler a bit towards planning - in the way that it looks a bit forward and optimizes the cost. When this is achieved, then the current system would be much more efficient than hard restrictions.


  5. On 2.2.2018 at 7:13 PM, Ipsquiggle said:
    • Tiles can no longer be build on top of Tempshift Plates.

    There are quite a few very interesting contraptions that use exactly that - metal tile (e.g. tungsten) on a tempshift plate - preventing gassos or fluids to pass but providing good heat exchange. I'm afraid that having two tempshift plates, one on each side of the metal tile won't be the same - it has weaker conductivity and needs much more space / covers much bigger area.

  6. On 2.2.2018 at 7:13 PM, Ipsquiggle said:

    Liquids will now only sublimate to a max pressure.


    If that would be 20 kg/square than that's fine, but I think anything lower would unnecessarily nerf production of oxygen out of polluted water.

    BTW, finding a pocket of high pressure polluted oxygen is actually a treat.

    Thanks! :)

    PS: Generally I'd like to encourage you to always resist temptations to make the game easy. Adding challenges makes the game better. Changes in the game can be viewed as new challenges as well ... most of the time :)

  7. On 2.2.2018 at 5:02 PM, boohboomagoo said:

    I've tried a few times and was more successful - although I still am of the opinion that the med-beds should be more effective or they should create a job profession based on med-care

    Keeping them healthy is not difficult if you plan for it in advance. Wash hands after bio-break, before cooking, eating or harvesting. They won't waste water if they already have clean hands. (Later in the game one probably needs more polluted water anyway.)

    Scrub algae and slime before use, use exosuits when going outside, lower desinfect threshold to 4000 or even lower later in the game.

    Carefully protect water from possible contamination. Emptying bottles carelessly into your clean water container is very dangerous. Boil contaminated water to desinfect it.

    Double check not to use contaminated slime or algae.

    Design doors / airlocks to outside to minimize import of contaminants.

    It is a good habit to check health and infection status at the end of each or every few cycles when they go to sleep.

    Have a reserve vitamin pills. I keep a full box of them and I was lucky not to need any since like 2k cycles..

    I like the hygiene / disease aspect quite a lot. BTW, it's good to check every now and then and send any wounded mates to med beds,