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  1. Don't need a mesh tile, just a full block of liquid will do. When I build mine I start with only one block of space and fill it untill it overflows. The over flow on top is small enough not to over pressurize a vent.
  2. I prefer unlimited storage options
  3. I always drop a little liquid on the floor of the machine. Also I let the glass drop on the floor next to the forge so the pipes never break. This might seem like it would generate a lot of heat but it doesn't in the long run. The need for glass is limited and wheezies can cool the machine during the down time
  4. Where's the glass going? I don't see a pipe vent in the picture
  5. Most players would disagree. Supply is the biggest problem with hydrogen generators and are only useful as part of a SPOM build. Even if you have a hydrogen vent on the map, the low output and high temperature makes them inefficient for generators.
  6. I would buy sooner than later, right now it's still early access which is cheaper than when it goes full release
  7. Three reasons First is I pump the liquid though the loop to fill the bathroom system and if I used only water or only PW then there would be over 1000kg and that's too much considering one packet in a pipe is only 10kg. By layering it I can stack the liquids, and use much less. Second water on top prevents the PW from off gassing into PO2 and getting mixed in the chlorine Third, sending germ free PW past the germ sensors helps prevent it from getting stuck in the "ON" settings
  8. It's actually 4X4 but here's some screenshots of how I build it
  9. I wish it were possible but the best way to mesure the temp of metal tiles is what I suggested yesterday using a single tile of space filled with liquid or gas depending what temp range you are working with.
  10. Who said they were limited to gas? I've seen them work in liquids or even solids when entombed
  11. An alternative is extend the metal tiles below and make a small one tile room filled with hydrogen and a tempshift plate. The heat from the glass will transfer through the metal, tempshift plate, and to the hydrogen. Have your temp sensor there.
  12. If your objective is to cool glass then this is overkill. You don't need much glass in game, just let it drop on a metal tile floor with a few wheezies and you'll be fine
  13. Temp sensors mesure the temp of the tile it ocupies, not any lose item in it Add some liquid like oil or super coolant to fix
  14. I submerge them in a mix of oil and water to prevent over-pressurizing I don't have a screenshot of my last game but here's one I made in debug to give you an idea of how it works