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  1. Ellie here has been tasked to sweep Sedimentary Rock. There was 100kg at every square on the floor of the room where the cot and lamp are. She's grabbed 300kg but there's another 300kg on the floor in three 100kg piles. Extremely inefficient. Her carry capacity is shown on the red outlined section that I edited into the screenshot. To be honest this could be a problem in the base game also, but I'm running Spaced Out so that is where I've reported it. I can upload a save if need be.
  2. This has happened to me too. I probably still have the save if that would help?
  3. I rerolled for a while because I kept getting dupes with +12-16, so I got 3 +16 learning dupes. But then when I'm actually in the game some of the stats say +16, others say +8. It'll be interesting to see if my dupes gain one or two levels in learning when they level up. The research percentage increase says +640%, did that used to be what you got for 8 or 16 level learning?
  4. There was absolutely zero information provided about this. No idea how it works, guess I'm going to have to experiment. What happens if I "empty" a pip that has water flowing through it. Can you only empty pipes with stationary contents? If I decide to empty a pipe and then change my mind and pump liquid through it, will it work? be blocked? what happens?
  5. One of my dupes started with 1 Strength, she has now mastered the Gofer, Courier, and Groundskeeper jobs, but the strength level is only 5, not 7. The two attached images show the list of job training that should have been applied and the actual skill level in the other. The hover tooltip breakdown shows only two +2's when there should be three, and they're also both listed as Gofer. I believe it should say Gofer: +2, Courier: +2, Groundskeeper: +2 ? Let me know if I need to provide any more information. Thanks
  6. I suggested leaving the default the same only because they seemed to want to listen to everyone that complained originally. I would usually agree with you that new features mean all the extras in support etc that you suggested. But this is greatly reduced because they've already built both systems and they've both been tested by the player base, albeit for a short period of time.
  7. Yeah OK I didn't explain clearly. I'm suggesting we switch what the asterisk means. The best solution, I think, is 1-9 like we have now where dupes pick job tasks within the same priority level before other jobs. Then if you hit the asterisk that sets up that item so it's tended to by a dupe with the corresponding job before he does any tasksthat don't match his job. This system is a bit more complicated, but I'm trying to think of something that leaves the default functionality the same. I did read your whole post originally but was looking back for people I thought didn't understand the system. Yes you're right I missed that you liked the job task preferences, sorry about that. It's still not correct to say that "you can simply use 4-8 now with the same result" I feel that having less resolution is a very small inconvenience compared to the huge negative impact of not having dupes prefer tasks related to their job. I realise that depends on everyone's individual playstyle quite drastically. Given that super dupes are back, however, it's actually kind of irrelevant whether we get job priority preferences back, because the only efficient way to play is to have high learning on all your dupes and let them become masters in everything. It's frustrating because I think there are a reasonable number of ways they can make everyone happy, but they're making huge changes at once rather than small adjustments until it becomes balanced.
  8. I disagree. Almost all the reasons provided as to why 1*-5* is inferior to 1-9 are nonsensical to me. The one that I do agree with is people that utilised the extra granularity that 1-9 gave, but I would counter that we should have a 1-9 with 1*-9* system. I'm in support of the default priority being strict too, so a build job set to 1* would always be done before something set to 9 by a builder. Then if you like normal 1-9 then you can just never click the * button. All buildings default to priority 5 and if you like having job specialisation that actually works you will need to go around setting a * priority on every item.
  9. It was just speculation. But I think its backed up by the number of people saying they hate it now. People are going to be much more vocal about something they dislike over something they think is good. The number of people in this thread that support 1-9 but make it very clear they didn't understand 1*-5* is evidence too that the devs were wrong to listen to the complainers. Here are a few examples: It's really not the same, key functionality has been removed, it's not just that people don't want to think about what priorities to set things on. If you care at all about efficiency you can't go down the specialist line because: You can't make sure your dupes actually do their job all the time. You need to set every task to the same priority otherwise you'll have your cook doing the priority 7 building when there is priority 6 cooking to do. Its far better in this system to have every dupe at a high level and able to always do all jobs quickly, which you can achieve with a high learning skill and have your dupes get good at everything fast. The tubular update is now pointless because high athletics dupes are faster than tubes and the conveyor belts are now very limited in use too as its so much cheaper to just have dupes clean up a mess with their level 20 athletics and Strength than build a whole conveyor system. Super dupes are now even more OP because they can level strength too.
  10. Stuff might be getting done, but it's getting done slowly and inefficiently (by the wrong duplicants) and there's no way to correct it. I like that Idea. I'm completely fine with needing to click the * every time. Any option that actually gives you the control we had before is better regardless of how cumbersome it is. They might need to make it 1-9 /1*-9* though to keep the people that wanted higher resolution happy.
  11. Levelling applied only to the skill that relates to the job a duplicant has is a very good idea, but only if they fix the priorities! If the priorities are 1-9 without job task preference then we really need to keep all the ways of having dupes be as general purpose as possible, which means all skill levelling. You simply can't have specialised dupes and then not have an option for them to prioritise the task they're good at. it makes no sense at all. I couldn't agree more with this, I just don't want to play after these changes.
  12. No it doesn't. You can't play with specialised dupes now because there is no way to ensure your Miner dupe actually does mining, unless you restrict tasks so much that when there's little to do they're standing around idle. Yes it is a very tiny portion of the playerbase, and I don't know why they would let this tiny portion dictate changes that need to be made. A much larger silent portion of the playerbase were completely happy with the update. You're always going to get a larger percentage of the people that dislike something expressing their opinion, everyone that liked it (the majority) didn't expect that they'd have to speak up to keep a decent feature. The occupation update is pointless without specialised prioritisation. It's also pretty useless given that dupes can gain skill points again. Why would I set jobs that increase the dupes decor and food requirements when I can wait a little and they'll have leveled up anyway. The only reason to use them is to get the stations and allow dupes to mine hard materials, which is now just a frustrating little roadblock. The only skill you had to care about before occupations was learning. If that was high then you'd quickly level everything else up. I'd have dupes with the lowest learning level do the research so that they levelled learning up solely so to increase the rate they improved at everything else. This was no fun, but we're back to that now, otherwise, you're simply playing very inefficiently. I've been playing every day since the occupation update became available, but its unfortunate that I'll have to stop until this is sorted as its just far too frustrating having specialised duplicants that don't do their jobs.
  13. I used to choose max learning for every dupe because it was the only thing that mattered. This change made it really fun having different jobs for different dupes and the starting stats actually mattered. Now the entire occupation thing seems pointless if they're still going to level anyway. The Jobs menu states that Exosuit Engineer gives +2 athletics. Is this an oversight?
  14. This is very limiting. It was far better with 1-5, 1*-5* and not at all confusing in my opinion. I've created an account here specially to say this! I checked the forums after it updated because I wanted to find out how to set up job-specific priorities. Didn't ever consider that it might have been removed completely. You should consider giving people the option of which priority system they prefer, or maybe a better idea is to have a tick box for each item that stops anyone not set to that job from using it. The current restrictions you can set in the job screen are not granular enough. If you're going to give us dupes that specialise, we need to have the ability to control who does what. Specialisation without the control is not playable.