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  1. no light source for these plants
  2. spicy tofu in square

    square around tofu
  3. they are hiding
  4. obsidian in atmo suit dock iron ore and lumber in compost sedimentary rock, lime, brine and igneous rock in water cooler
  5. toilet not usable

    dupe use toilet and says that it is unusable
  6. pipe stop game

    building pipe here stops game (sometime crash it) also here same Ироничная Канталупа.sav
  7. it worrk but have no animation
  8. Weird Headcannons

    Wilson and Wickerbottom tried to make telescope out of moon glass to research moon. WX-78 tries to minimize his use of oar and prefer mast.
  9. Weird Headcannons

    Monster meat contains acids. That is why WX-78 get damaged by it. Webber is immune cause spiders are cannibals, Wilba cause she is pig, but Wormwoods health is defined by moon gem and it's condition, which is not affected by acids.
  10. pigs pay taxes multiple taxes
  11. sinking Vortex Cloak

    Vortox Cloak disapears on water and THEN sinks when you take it off on water
  12. i turn crab into sand
  13. 2 more bugs i found in hamlet

    laser spin attack causes lags and rocks after 2 fights in same places lower fps
  14. Dung pile spawn in pond

    same and here
  15. 2 drying racks to close
  16. nap for second

    and sudenly
  17. pot kly

    look strange
  18. they don't move

    they don't move
  19. fire don't work

    it doesn't hurt me, all flames are like this