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  1. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Thank you for providing this tutorial for us! I have two questions. 1. What do the "character_none" and the "ghost_character_build" stuff mean? I see the "none" and "ghost" stuff in some character mods while some other character mods don't have these. 2. Some character mods have the "env.lua" file in "lib" folder, would you please tell me how does the environment code work and what does it do? Looking forward to your reply, thanks!
  2. @Arthro Hi, I'm also playing DST, but I guess that's why this tutorial doesn't quite work for us because this was posted under DS forum. Maybe it means something. I followed exactly what's showed in this guide and couldn't load into the game. Is this the same issue as you had? I'm looking for DST tutorials instead, trying to find out what I missed.