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  1. By any chance, know the file that controls the camp and niterite fires? I want to modify a few values so better fuels burn much longer.. Two shows I wish came back are Invader Zim and Gravity falls. On a side note, your information helped me greatly btw! I reversed food decay for several hours before server crashed. Crash had nothing to do with the modification. Another user I gave admin to in attempts to remove what looks like a banana guard I placed accidentally over an entrance to the caves, would not remove and since it was not part of the normal game, crashed the server when we tried removing it so in the end, we just reset the world and started over. Reason the modification stopped working was due to the batch file I use sometimes to check for updates before starting the server up. What I didn't know was it also did an integrity check and re-downloaded the files I edited, so for now on Im backing up that data section prior to update check so I can put the files back, should they get overwritten again. Edit: Made a new batch file to copy back my edit after the update check. Wasn't easy. All food is now fully fresh, though I have a feeling I might need to put the line change elsewhere. Because Im new to the game, not sure if my edit is interfering with the clock. I'm on day 190, and clock doesn't seem to change like it normally has in past. Since I have never made it to day 190, not sure if each day is supposed to be heatwave like where all the plants are shriveling up. It's like an apocalypse taking place. I'm looking to find a way to get the clock to reset to day 1, without actually resetting the entire server. This way I can tell if what Im seeing is normal, or if I need to fix a routine somewhere.
  2. Thanks so much!!!!!! This is going to help me greatly!!!! Speaking of food, looking at your avatar suddenly has ME craving Tacos lol. I just saw the new movie recently, and at first thought/hoped/ prayed that it was being brought back. Got my hopes up to find out it was just one movie, to clean up loose ends due to the shows original cancelation years back. I loved the movie, but still hope Taco Eating Gir, will come back one day on a weekly basis. My favorite episode of the series is where he meets Tac, who makes his life miserable.
  3. I sadly got involved with this game and the dedicated server long after the huge fandom slowed down, and many of the good mods I find on Steam and here are outdated, and no longer work. The last updated one that says it stops food spoilage, was last updated June of 2018, so gave it a try because a few comments saying it works was dated December 2019. Sadly, this is not the case as it appeared when I tried using it, at all the food readings went from green to nothing, which I can see might be interpreted as working, but a few minutes later, all food rotted. Tried testing a few others with the same result. This was more annoying than just the normal spoilage, so like other games I run servers for, figured I try the same thing I did there which was to change a line of code that made the food get better as time went by, but so far have been unable to do this because the only file I have found that references food spoilage which I found in the prefabs folder only references fish inside the file, which tells me this is not the file (Droids) I'm looking for. Anyone by any chance know what file controls food spoilage is, or even better have a working updated mod that stops spoilage? Thanks.
  4. How do you remove chests?

    Thanks for the info. I used the admin mod To many Items Plus which has many features programmed into the mod so you dont have to look up many of the normal console commands. One of them was a list of chests. One can be broken with a hammer which was the small chest. The larger two could not be. Broken. Im guessing these most likely are normally found in dungeons? I ended up emptying the place, then destroyed the house with the chests inside, replaced a new house which Im glad to say was clear of chests.
  5. Im running two dedicated servers. One with free creative mode, one survival, pvp disabled on both to stem the tide griefing. Since Im new to the game, some features on how to do simple tasks are eluding me. One such task is deleting some chests I put in my mushroom house. I thought I test out what they look like, along with what stored more. When it came time to removing them, discovered the hammer wont break them. Anyone have a clue on how to break these up or a admin command to remove them? I saw a boss monster break a chest out doors but no clue yet what it was or even how to spawn one should this be my only means.
  6. If anyone can give a heads up on how to get both servers to show up on the lan side, would be appreciated. In the mean time Im using a vpn to connect to both the long way around. Figured since I paid for it, might as well put it to use for something. There was a similar post not related to my issue, and the work around is much better than having to constantly hit refresh till the other server shows up.
  7. Im running two sets of duel servers, one with creative mode for all, one without, both modded. There are no issues with outside connections. People connect with no problem. My issue is only one is showing up in the game client at a time under lan connections. If I refresh a LOT, the other will swap places in the list. I went as far as changing to in hopes this would fix the issue, yet noticed after bootup it went back to I looked up so many posts, all are about not connecting, nothing about what is happening in my situation. By the way, this is a windows 10 system. One dedicated server set with caves is through the dedicated server menu on Steam. The second server I set up using SteamCmd. Im going to try an old program I once used called noip and see if this helps.
  8. Sorry for the necro, though not really necro to me as I just started playing a few days ago and needed to put up two duel servers. The above came in very handy, and just wanted to say thanks!!! First time ever I have used Steam CMD. I been tinkering with game servers for years, and my first one ever was runuo, 15 years ago. I passed up a few in the past on Steam because for some reason, Steam cmd was sort of intimidating for me. Today was no exception as I expected when I ran the file, Id get a normal install, but instead the program installed right where I had clicked on it, making the directories incorrect. I made a few changes using your instructions and just modifying the paths, and surprisingly, got both servers up and running. The mods took a little more work, but in all, this post helped greatly!!! Thanks again.
  9. Edit: Im editing this in order to cut down the spam. I believe I may have discovered why this is randomly happening, and if Im right, the time this happens is around 2 to 4 am pst. I can't say what days this takes place, only that the times are between 2 and 4am. I posted this on Steam as well. Have you ever been up real late, and go to do a store or workshop search for a title you know that is NOT stored in your favorites, for the search to show up a absolutely nothing, when you know full well you have the spelling right, and that hours before the workshop and store item did show? It's happened to me on a few occasions. Im not crazy, and for people who experience this, your not crazy either. In fact, we didn't mess up either. Certain days, between the hours of 2-4am pst, some of Steams systems go through an unannounced maintenance. The way the servers work, it is meant to not disrupt anyone, which is why most don't know about ir. When titles seem to vanish for that short time, I believe it's when Steams servers are reindexing. Workshop falls victim to this more often than not, and willing to bet that the invalid token issue is being caused during this maintenance. My servers.have been running 5 hours now with no issue. If anyone else gets this problem, and sees the time is the above hours, I suggest waiting till after 5am and try again. Not sure why, but after time connected, the tokens becoming invalid. I figured the above might help, but no. I replace the tokens, and an hour or two later, invalid again.
  10. I actually had same issue, except for the fact I never shut the server down at all. Playing for first time today, and dedicated servers sort of a hobby, so wasn't to difficult to set up. What was strange was after two hours of playing on my own local servers with caves edition, I locked up and looking at the server window of one saw error invalid token. After looking at it, I noticed one was changed when both started out identical. In the end, I followed the instructions as if putting the servers up as new again to obtain new token, and replaced both and rebooted with no issues this time around. I did make one slight change, which was put a password in to keep everyone I don't want on my server, from connecting. I did this because a few years back had a similar issue with another server program, and turned out there was a security flaw that people could abuse to change or delete files, and putting a password in, put a stop to it.
  11. Debug Mode and Fog of War

    Thanks for the info. I was actually trying to figure out what was causing this. Thought I hit a key command. To bad it's not a normal feature, because it's quite useful when your trying to make different kinds of maps. My kids want the game, but told me to hold off till the next update. For some reason, their worried the debug mode will get removed by next update, and its the designing features their actually interested in. Me, I just like designing mods tearing apart programs like this just to see how they tick. I can understand their concern though. Bought them a multiplayer title that had this great mapping program in it. Then bought it to have it updated and the mapping program, and all its features were gone. Turned out, it was a debug feature they removed. Funny, this will be the first time I shell out over $50 for more licenses when its not multiplayer, and after playing this for several days, understand why it was never put in. The CPU usage alone, just to handle a set of duplicates for 4 people would require a commercial server with all the options the game has, and most servers just handle the data, the game client is what does everything, so this game and code is very impressive, at least to me it is. Awesome job!