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  1. I would hope they don’t do that. That would just make The PC version look worse.
  2. I hope they do something about the pigs in hamlet giving you taxes. They don’t stop even after you destroy the town hall and they chase you around and stun lock you and can even push you off the map. I really hope they fix this. I haven’t played in so long because of this and other bugs.
  3. it’s nice to know some people still feel the same way I do. I’m not knocking on them for working more on DST but I wish they fixed the bugs in single player. I prefer single player but I haven’t played it in a long time due to amount of bugs still present. Even if they could only dedicate one or two people just to bug fixing it would make a huge difference.
  4. Glad they updated it to include this but wish they didn’t leave a lot of the bugs that are still in the game. DST wouldn’t exist without single player, least they could do is have one or two people on bug fixes until the game has much fewer. while I’m dreaming....I’d like more shipwrecked content
  5. @Jason you forgot to link the support page for the twitch drops.
  6. I believe there is a console command to increase your speed multiplier. Simply find out the base speed your character would be normally and input that console command with the correct value and see if that helps.
  7. I can confirm this isn’t a bug. The ancient chests in the labyrinth area of the ruins are booby trapped. Opening them will cause a black shadow to fly out and your character to say a line about it being trapped. These chests have random effects and one of these effects is increasing or decreasing item durability. I have a 101% gold pickaxe and a 120% football helmet. They are cool objects to have and I keep them for display.
  8. I’m not 100% sure this works and this is a single player DS mechanic. I’ve heard about this but never tested it so if anyone wants to test it and let me know if it works that would be cool. If you play through adventure mode in single player as Wendy and you manage to keep Abigail alive and you switch to a different character via the throne, apparently Abigail will still be there with the new (non Wendy) character and will follow them around and fight for them. Note if Abigail does die when you have her following a non Wendy character she won’t drop the flower and will disappear for good. Again, this is just something I’ve heard mentioned, not sure if it’s true or if it was patched out.
  9. Oh that explains why I’m getting random mushroom trees in the ocean in Shipwrecked! I based on. Mushroom island so I figured it was just some strange bug but this makes more sense. Considering I world hop from Hamlet all the time.
  10. Before the patch that removed this bug. Behold the amazing werepigspider!
  11. I have had this happen to me in an earlier build, I also had two Rocs spawn at the same time once after world hopping.
  12. Tigershark has a chance to spawn out of season depending on certain things you do. The sharkittens however, do not have a chance to spawn out of monsoon season.
  13. Nope, I don’t even see them come out of their houses until monsoon season.
  14. True but it should still have some sort of cap or a little control.