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  1. Since the last update I have noticed Wilba's Werepig Music has had some changes (it's even better music then before). However, I noticed that if you enter and instance as Wilba in her Werepig form the music abruptly cuts off. This also happens if you let the music play out as after a certain point the music will also cut off. Hamlet still has issues with the working music not looping (and only playing once the first time you craft an item and wont play again unless you reload) and it would appear that this now happens with Wilba's music.
  2. [Game Update] - 309157

    Wasn't a problem since I tend to only have one world at a time and I am frequently known for deleting worlds and starting over at random. Worked like a charm. Thank you
  3. [Game Update] - 309157

    Alright, I submitted the bug and made sure to add my name so you will know it's me (name is the same as the one on here)
  4. [Game Update] - 309157

    I just tested it and even going into the world customization menu crashes the game for me still...
  5. FlyTrap crash

    Same thing has happened to me 5 times now.
  6. [Game Update] - 307799

    Every time i get near snaptooths when playing Wormwood the game crashes. I've sent a bug report via the game but it's a big issue as it makes the character unplayable.
  7. What's your prefered base location?

    It's always there, you can remove most parts of the nest but I like to keep the small house and the twisted lamp post as decoration. You can indeed build over it except for the dead center of the nest which is where Roc drops you off when she picks you up.
  8. Possible new character in Hamlet?

    I really hope he gets added to the game, I had hoped for more characters other than Wilba and Warbucks
  9. What's your prefered base location?

    I actually have some screenshots of the base I made before the Aporkalypse update.
  10. What's your prefered base location?

    I build my base on Roc's Island. I clear it out, strip up all the turf, steal turf from the first pig village and steal resources from it as well. Then I lay down the roads and ground work and slowly build an entire city on Roc's island incorporating my base and bat defenses into the layout and then I work on transporting all the resources I need (like grass, twigs and wood) to the island and make a sustainable base for myself in the heart of the city I named "Rocsberry." It's an ongoing project but it's first incarnation was almost finished when the Aporkalypse update dropped so I had to start again. I've made decent headway.
  11. Blue sow spawned in wall

    @bizziboi not sure if this helps but I suddenly found my jeweled truffle outside of the wall upon reentering that ruins. Was able to get it like normal. I did relog since reporting that bug but I figured this new information may help. If not sorry for pestering you.
  12. Q.O.L. Bugs

    Just added some new bugs I found including one that messed up shipwrecked's dry season some how.
  13. Blue sow spawned in wall

    I just submitted a bug for the same issue but it's the jeweled Truffle that stuck the exact same way.
  14. As you can clearly see in the picture, my jeweled truffle has spawned out of the boundaries of the game and is as a result unobtainable.