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  1. Locavore/Carnivore

    I Have done both achievements on Terra on regular hunger and stress settings. I reached Locavore at cycle 47 and Carnivore at 97. I was going for super sustainable at the same time and my colony died at cycle 120 because I hadn't set up a proper oxygen system and was relying on deoxidizers. (what's the name of this game again?) I printed pips early on which helped my dupes not starving all the time and freed a lot of my dupes time. I also printed 3 shove vole eggs at cycle 85 on set of 8 pacus and plenty of hatches/eggs. Bassically if it was food it was printed. I also dug towards any wild food plants starting by sleet wheats and then lettuce. I dug through the slime biome very carefully to have access to the wild pacus. I'd say I collected about 20 twice. I had a NatGas vent that even when dormant, provided with enough NatGas to cook some surfNTurf and some frost Burgers. Don't eat raw meat unless it's going stale but also don't eat BBQ if you can transform it into higher tier materials. the bonus from surfNturf doesn't seem much but it adds up. I had 3 Hatch Ranch, (but now that I am redoing it on high stress, I have 5) I made sure that hatches were never Cramped by setting them to 6 critters on auto wrangle and having a shine bug and a Puff ranch so they would get moved out of the way. Finally, I had one Drako ranch where I would basically only shred them and then kill stating at cycle 70. Make sure your cooks and researchers are working under light but also your metal refinery besides that, my only automation was to manage my power grid & 8 Incubators. You run on mush/ wild plants and natural critter death until cycle 65-70 and then kill everything and desactivate non-meat consumables.
  2. [Game Update] - 254302

    I' m getting the wire bug again had to save and load 3 times to build the two research stations connected to a coal generator....
  3. Turner has research and supply as interest. When mastering research assistant, he still has interests in being a scientist. However upon mastering gofer, he doesn't have an interests (heart) to be a courier. Also, it doesn't seem like his already acquired skill his took into consideration for the courier job ( has a natural 6 athletic and it shows 0 ) I don't know yet if only the heart is missing or if he won't master his job as he is supposed to.
  4. [Game Update] - 254302

    I'm glad I won't have to save&reload my game every time I build some wires/pipes
  5. [Game Update] - 253538

    why not add a Toggle switch that could either prioritize jobs or not and then the * would be used when you want the opposite to happen. That way you set it once and everyone can have what they like without having to spend 90% of their game play in the priority overlay
  6. [Game Update] - 253538

    The only reason things would not get done is the fact that skill would't increase and he's talking about the priority system. The 1-5* made things a lot more efficient and people could have notice it if they bothered adjusting. I'm 1000% sure that if people tried the priority system in a gameplay where dupes are able to level up skills they would be much much happier and see the bigger picture
  7. [Game Update] - 253538

    For skill leveling I suggested on an other post that dupes could only level up a skill if spending some time doing a job that goes with said skill. The ''Job Tree'' could then be used to access building and using higher tech. It would be more realistic: the researcher would ''find out'' about a new technology and someone skilled enough to put it in place would do so. Higher jobs could be achieved by reaching a certain level in a skill that mattered for it and maybe give a bonus that would allow to go pass the cap from a couple of levels.
  8. [Game Update] - 253538

    I really feel like the jobs are useless now. I do appreciate the fact that stats level up again but the leveling up itself doesn't really makes sense. In a new base I built the job station (which I don't like btw. they can't organize themselves before building a building LOL) first to assign jobs to my dupplicants. 1 dig 1 supply 1 build. It would make things really efficient the firsts cycles previously but now without the 1-5* priority my dupplicants would do the closest action accessible instead of their job. Whats the point of them working faster if they don't do their job? Plus it seems that the higher the level of a stat the more xp it takes to gain an other level so even though dupes keep the bonuses once they mastered a job, they don't really gain ''natural stats''. What happened is that my first duplicant who upgraded a skill (Digging) was a slow learner set as an architect. Talk about counter intuitive. 1-5* Prority was SUPER simple. Dupes would do their jobs from priority 5-1 and when they had nothing to do they would help others. When wanted everyone to do a task you set the * and voila. I still don't understand why people would make such a big deal about it. For example I had no one set to a care job but because I set my medbey 5* dupes would get treated fast (especially when dupes allowed to treat others had a job that would improve their speed)