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  1. I have the same issue as OP, I do not believe it is intended that you must catch-and-release drecko's into the 'wild' to feed them, because taming them increases the output of resources from their scales, according to their tool tip. There would be no reason to program Drecko's to be able to be groomed on a station, which does work, and to be come tame if they intended for you to release them to keep them alive. You cannot use a grooming station outside of a stable. Therefor you would have to wrangle the drecko from your 'wild' area with their food, drop them into the stable, wait for them to be groomed, wrangle them again, uncheck drecko from the stable critter drop off point, check drecko's on your 'wild' critter drop off point, and have them dropped off in order for your drecko's to be fed. I have tried this, and it works sometimes, but critter delivery falls to a gofer, not a rancher, and thus critters must wait until higher priority gofer jobs are done or the rancher must have supply as high priority, but they will do other gofer jobs of high priority first. This is fiddly business that more often than not leaves the drecko's starving to death, or wrangled in a corner for long periods of time. The way all other critters work plus the fact that they appear in the critter feeder, with their diet properly listed, leads me to believe this is a bug.
  2. 270750 - Critter Feeder

    I dont think this is the way it was meant to be, since I have the same problem. When I built my critter feeders, Drecko and Drecklet were already checked, and were the only ones checked. The feeder also refused to feed my Drecko and it starved to death. I could not check them or uncheck the Drecko and Drecklet option (though they made a sound when i tried to tick the box) and when I put Mealice in the feeder to feed them (which is in their diet- well it says mealwood on the in game glossary, but i assumed it meant meal lice. So I used a hatch setting to put it in the feeder) but the feeder doesn't dispense for them, I assume because I couldn't check 'Drecko' or 'Drecklet'. I played with it to see if it was just a visual glitch (by clicking it and getting a sound, trying to fill it, then ticking it again and trying to fill it) and it did not work. I would like to understand (especially if this is just my mistake). I don't really understand why it would be checked, which means 'yes' or 'true' in all other menus of the game, if putting food into it is 'no' or 'false'. The menu under the other critters, including the ones i hadn't encountered yet on my map, showed foods and materials I didn't have and had never had, and it allowed me to un-tick and tick those boxes without issue. Im trying a new save now to see if this problem is just an error on certain world gen's or something.