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  1. Built a pipe to turn electrolyzer build into a vacuum, first with granite, turned waterlock tiles into vacuum and was invisible after being built, spilled water to the bottom of my base. While mopping up water it turned to 100 degree steam, crashed. Second try building pipe with sandstone, noticed all my granite was in cold biome, tried new material. This time random lava appeared over my hatch ranch and started destroying stuff. Crashed. Top middle of screen, blue line for the pipe. Arrows. MAGMA! The Cool Crater Cycle 198.sav went back a few saves to try building a different shaped pipe. didnt spawn magma but crashed my game again. will submit the last few saves. The Cool Crater Cycle 197.sav The Cool Crater Cycle 196.sav The Cool Crater Cycle 195.sav The Cool Crater.sav
  2. i think they said the overheat temps for ceramic and steel would be changed to be higher then +50
  3. Found that my hatches are no longer consuming my polluted water bottles/polluted dirt in bathrooms. Looked through patch notes didn't notice anything about it. Is this a bug/intended?