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  1. This is not a linux only issue, same happens on windows, if there was any doubt...
  2. I think you are doing something wrong with the zooming of the camera. If you scroll in one "tick" on the mouse wheel and then one "tick" back, it wont zoom out as much as it zoomed out. Lets say you zoom in by 30%, setting it to 70% of what its currently set to. Lets say current_zoom = 50. current_zoom * 70% = 50 * 70% = 35 Now you have to zoom back out by dividing by 70%, not multiplying by 130%. 35 * 130% = 45.5 // WRONG 35 / 70% = 50 // back to the original value, 50. I hope i don't come off as rude, but i had to report this as its been bugging me since the game came out. Happens on both linux and windows
  3. Would be nice if you could set a priority for the Canister Filler.
  4. Removing a planter box while having planned a uproot but not finishing it crashes the game.
  5. When a duplicate is dead the chores list lists "Die (Assigned To: {Assignee})"