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  1. I came here to report the same bug. I can confirm that using a bridge as a diode on the input does not prevent the problem from recurring. When I remove the input pipe the plots all report a good status, but when I replace the input pipe the problem recurs.
  2. @Cheerio, you've got the correct screenshot. When I download and load the save file it shows sweep icons on the piles above the latrine and shows Rowan/Meep assigned to Tidy. I double checked by removing all other save files and loading the attachment from my first post. One of us is missing something, I just don't know what it is.
  3. Duplicants assigned the Tidy Job do not sweep. See attached, Rowan and Meep ares assigned to Tidy, but are Idle. Debris is available to sweep Several piles are assigned the sweep action specifically Storage containers are available One storage container is assigned sweep only tidy_does_not_sweep.sav