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  1. Same here. My last hamlet game was over 100 days with no problems and now after aporkalypse update, I don't think it's playable anymore.
  2. Comets turn prefab tiles buggy

    Yes this is happening and it destroyed my ice biome.
  3. I would really like that this fixed asap because I stopped playing because of this. Ok, I have read the forums now. It's not a bug it's a feature. Too bad not too intuitive.
  4. Was that happening in the previous update? I thought that my base was a little bit too hot and I didn't know why. After the new update I started a new base and I didn't reach the geyser yet so I don't know if it's the same.
  5. Med Bay room bug

    Med Bay room says it is missing a toilet and a mess table and after adding those it says I need to remove them.
  6. And Yokels who want to be researchers and architects who can't build and so on... TBH it's nothing new. Previously you just got Research Skill 5 - Yokel. Cooking 6 - Gastrophobia. The skill points are really important now. Too bad we can't choose or change them in the printing pod at the expense of energy or something. Of course, there is a bug with using the massage table regarding prioritization. Miners use them correctly but gophers, for example, must be taken off their jobs because they won't go to the table no matter what. That's a standard. However, I'm really positively surprised how stable this update works. I haven't had a single crash whole night yesterday. Still can't figure out how the immunity system works now. On the hardest settings, you get minus 15% of your immunity per cycle due to the settings and plus 15% due to dupes, so if you don't contract any bacteria you shouldn't have any change. The dupes start out with 90% and over the course of few days, my three original dupes gained few percent and my new dupe lost 3% and I'm really puzzled from where the three original dupes got positive immunity from. That being said, as the colony grows, it is going to be much harder to maintain high immunity levels and now the germ resistant perk will be really useful for mining in slimelung (that or exosuits). A pharmacy will be much more useful now. The tubes will be much more useful now due to slower dupes. The colony grows much slower now. I really like that. The growth temperature of Bristle Blossom has been changed from max 23 to max 30 and thank you for that. Overall - great update.
  7. Hi, To me one of the biggest changes is that germ immunity is no longer visible when choosing a dupe. This is really breaking my playstyle given playing on the hardest difficulties you need dupes with some germ immunity otherwise even with proper hygiene they will get sick really quickly. If it immunity isn't visible does that mean each dupe has it set on 0 and only the ones with germ resistant perk have some or what? Is this change intended? To be honest the game is really easy and such change really cranks the difficulty up regarding the sickness and immunity system. The jobs system is really nice although the skills and jobs preferences aren't too intuitive. I think I will need a piece of paper when I'm starting a new game to write who will do what. The food system needed a rework for a long time, a very good move. Thank you.