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  1. More Don't Starve art from me, Really happy with this Webber, most of my drawings I outline with Sharpie, or Black marker to add to it, But I decided I liked this one as it was (Although if a couple people say they'd like to see a hard black outline'd version I'd gladly do it) Hope you enjoy!
  2. Thank you didn't see the art forum, Was looking in DST not DS
  3. My first time drawing Don't Starve characters! Wilson and Wigfrid my 2 favorite characters and mains when I play. Hope you all like them (Apologies for inconsistent lighting) Also this is my instagram if you'd like to see more drawings <3 I really like drawing Don't Starve so I'll try to post more on here
  4. Upon clicking on the "Host Game" or "Mods" options in Don't Starve together a message pops up reading "Warning!" With lots of texts which seem to indicated something wrong with the Scripts.