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  1. Metal refinery is creating tons of untargetable unsweepable polluted water. It does emit PO. Here are the screenshots.
  2. Don't branch the pipes. Every time you branch a pipe it splits the delivery speed by 50%. Use a continuois snake formation through all the tiles.
  3. Tidy refers to mopping and cleaning toilets. Supply sweeps.
  4. Conductive heavy watt wire won't build over the regular heavy watt wire. Also I can build an abyssal tile over a sandstone tile but can't do the same for pipes. On a side note heavy wat joint plate and heavy conductive joint plate show no difference in the description.
  5. Weezewort in confined space deletes hydrogen. Here is a screenshot of my setup. The top gas pump is inactive.
  6. Gopher mines/builds when there are queues waiting for material delivery.
  7. Building over tiles/pipes/wires with a different material deletes the old tile/pipe instead of deconstructing it.